October 2, 2023

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Government of India seeks to change its name to “Bharat”: Reasons | It is one of the two official divisions of the country

Government of India seeks to change its name to “Bharat”: Reasons |  It is one of the two official divisions of the country

India seeks to change its name”Bharat“For Leave the name that the United Kingdom imposed on it during its colonization. Rumors that it could be an Asian country Renamed Started after sending invitations to New Delhi Summit To the leaders and ministers of the G20 countries, where Draupadi Murmu Signed”President of India“.

Bharat According to the Constitution of India, it is one of the two official positions of the country It predates the ancient Hindu texts written in Sanskrit. The name change was a demand of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), whose members A Campaign against use of English name. too Prime Minister Narendra Modi often refers to India as Bharat.

BJP representatives told News18 TV channel, according to anonymous government sources A resolution can be submitted to emphasize official use BharatIn an extraordinary session of Parliament in September.

Draupadi Murmu signs invitations to G20 banquet as “President of India”.

Last December, BJP vice-president Mitesh Patel proposed a name change in the Lok Sabha — the lower house of parliament — that would be renamed.Bharat“one”Bharatvarsh”, saying “India” means “slavery within the country”Since it was a name given by the British East India Company.

However, other voices claim to continue using both names. Sasi TharoorThe opposition official said: “There is no constitutional objection to calling India ‘Bharat’, which is one of the two official names of the country. I hope the government is not foolish enough to completely abandon “India” which has incalculable brand value accumulated over centuries.. We must continue to use both terms without ceding our right to a globally recognized name that is reminiscent of history.”

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Other countries that have changed their names

India is not the only case. In June 2022, the United Nations (UN) adopted Turkey’s international name change. Not to be confused with the word “turkey” in English, which means “bao”, The country was renamed “Turkey”.His name in Turkish.

Netherlands The Spanish translation of Netherland, which comes from the Dutch “Neder-landen”, meaning “lowlands”. It is called from 2020 as decided by the government Delete the name HollandIt was previously known.

In 2016, The Czech Republic officially changed its name to “Czech Republic”.. Officials argued that the previous name was too long to reflect its brand and identity. Despite the change, the citizens did not share it and very few accepted the new name.

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