March 21, 2023

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Govt outbreak in Shanghai: This is how pets are killed to prevent the virus from spreading Chronicles

Infectious Govt Not finished yet, or at least it didn’t look like it was in the big city ShanghaiIn China. That is why the authorities began to use all kinds of preventive measures.

For this reason, and because of the fear of infection by dogs and cats, that is it Began to sacrifice pets from private homes. Everything happens in the framework of the campaign “Govt Zero” Ordered by the regime Xi Jinping.

Horror on the streets of Shanghai: Pets are killed for fear of the Govt explosion.

However, they are far from looking for imprisonment or action “Very relevant” For pets. In many cases, agents were discovered They violently kill helpless predators.

Despite severe internet censorship in China the video was able to spread on social networks and you can hear dogs barking in pain and neighbors complaining about cruelty.

Videos of Chinese officers killing dogs caused a stir

Pictures were recorded by a neighbor on campus Xinghai Jiayuan And show how a worker who ran behind the bus that took its caretaker to the isolated center beats Gorky the dog three times with a spade.

Employee explained: “People are afraid of bacteria and spread. We don’t think about it. Our manager has told the owner that compensation will be paid after that.

The victim did not let his dog go outside or kept it inside the house in the hope that his dog would survive.

There, perhaps, if he stays away from home for a long time, he may starve. Finally, he immediately decided to give it up without imagining the dire consequences.

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