May 23, 2024

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Gran Turismo 7 ’25th Anniversary’ update is coming this week – GTPlanet

Gran Turismo 7 '25th Anniversary' update is coming this week - GTPlanet

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, confirmed Across Twitter, which will receive a new update Gran Turismo 7 This week, I curiously refer to it as the “25th Anniversary Update.”

Confirmation takes its usual form of a teaser showing some of the new content coming to the game in heavily disguised lighting conditions – the now famous ‘silhouette’ image.

As seen across GT7Life, with one exception, the image contains three vehicles but no evidence of any other content. Approximate date confirmed for the week of November 21st:

It seems that the three cars in the photo are relatively easy to identify this time. In the top left corner, we have the new – and much sought after – Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, bestowed with an enormous ‘whale’ spoiler. It’s not clear if it’s the “base” model or the facelifted RS500 from the angle in the photo.

At the bottom is a Nissan Silvia S14, with defined hood edges identifying it as a late-model “Kouki” and a bold rear spoiler suggesting it is an “Aero” model. This returning car was sitting side by side with “Zinki” before the face-lift which was also Recently added for the game.

The car at the top right is a little more challenging, but appears to be another new car in the series: the F87-generation BMW M2. Again, it’s not clear from the image alone whether it was the original M2 Competition or the M2 that replaced it in 2019.

As always, we don’t know what other content or features this update will bring beyond these three cars, though the curious “25th Anniversary” name might tilt fans toward some optimism.

Officially, Gran Turismo will not be 25 years old until December 23 of this year, making the update a month early to carry this special branding. This could of course mean that we won’t see a separate update in December, but it also indicates that there is more in this update to celebrate the milestone.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any new track content, with the most recent being out there Catalonia variantsand only Watkins Glen Access as a completely new site. with the 2022 Gran Turismo World Championship World Championship Final This week, too, would be a perfect time to promote the game with a new circuit.

Fans are still eagerly awaiting a major feature in the game, announced by Yamauchi in the game Early life roadmap Back in March: Car Sale. This one hasn’t seen the light of day yet, and it certainly couldn’t be further away.

Although no exact date for the update has been revealed yet, it is likely that it will arrive on the usual schedule on the last Thursday of the month. This means that we can expect it on November 24, which is Thanksgiving in the USA and the first day of the Gran Turismo World Series World Final. Watch this space for more!

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