December 6, 2023

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Greta Dunberg, with a parallel agenda in COP26: Environmental activist takes part in struggles against climate change

Young environmental activist Greta Dunberg Exploded loudly Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) In Glasgow, Scotland. Scotland has its own agenda that includes a meeting with the Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon with another climate activist, Vanessa Naked. In parallel, Dunberg is set to take part in the fight against the climate crisis in the Scottish city. Armored police officer For the massive demonstrations expected.

When he arrived in Glasgow on Sunday he was greeted like a rock star, with hundreds of journalists and protesters waiting for the image of the ecologist and his strong speech against climate change, which led to a confrontation with the former president of the United States. Donald Trump.

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The 18-year-old environmental activist attended a popular event BBC, In which he said “in theory it is possible”, a 1.5 increase in global temperature. He explained that this year is expected to be “the second largest increase in emissions so far” and that this is a “clear indication of the wrong direction”.

Greta Dunberg issued an “urgent call” to world leaders to reduce emissions

Dunberg did one “Emergency Call” An appeal to world leaders, along with other environmental activists, to reduce emissions. A complaint was lodged through the website of the NGO Awas, saying, “Betrayal: This is how young people around the world define our governments’ inability to reduce emissions, which is not surprising.”

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Activists such as Thunberg, Nakate, Dominika Lasota and Mitzi Tan have called on world leaders to “finally respond to the climate emergency:‘ As citizens of the entire planet, we urgently urge you. Climate emergency. Not next year. Not next month. Now ‘”.

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Activists said: “We can do more To avoid bad consequences, If we are willing to change. It will take a firm policy, vision for the future and immense courage, but it will be worth it because its commitment will be supported by billions of people. “

Environmentalists have warned that it is “catastrophically far from the critical target of 1.5”. As they point out, “There are governments all over the world Accelerating the crisis By constantly spending billions Fossil fuels “, They warned “a red mark on the earth” and “millions of people.” Will be devastated Of the planet ”:“ Your decisions will provoke or prevent this terrifying situation. The choice is yours ”.

“The goal is to continue to pursue the basic objective of 1.5,” activists said. Immediate and large-scale annual emissions reduction, With a courageous act never seen before ”. They called for “an immediate halt to all investment in fossil fuels, subsidies and new projects and a halt to new research and extraction.”

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