December 8, 2023

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Halle Berry was tricked into starring in X-Men: The Last Stand

Halle Berry was tricked into starring in X-Men: The Last Stand

Halle Berry He was allegedly tricked into starring in one of the ‘X-Men’ films using a bait-and-switch tactic – this is what a film director who was briefly associated with the project claims.

Matthew Vaughn – famous for directing the “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman” films, who ended up directing “X-Men: First Class” years after this alleged incident – told the story to THR …details what he says led to his exit from “X-Men: The Last Stand” in the mid-2000s.

Long story short… Vaughn was contracted to direct the sequel, but for a while – Haley hadn’t actually signed on yet… though… Hugh Jackman And the other main actors are returning. During pre-production, the MV claims to have discovered the duplicity at play from the studio head.

Here’s how Vaughn explains it… He says he went into an executive’s office and saw a new “X3” script, which he says made him realize he was noticeably fatter. When he asked him about it, he claimed the CEO told him not to worry about it — but Vaughn insisted and looked into it… and noticed that an entire scene had been added of Haley’s character, Storm, helping starving children. In Africa using her supernatural powers.

Naturally, Vaughn asked what this was about… noting that this was not the version of the script he had played. The response he claimed returned forced him to be released on bail.

Vaughn says:[I went,] ‘What is this?’ [They said,] “Oh, it’s Halle Berry’s script.” I said: Well, because it hasn’t been registered yet. “But it’s what she wants it to be, and as soon as she signs it up, we’ll throw it in the trash.” In other words, they would pretend to include the scene Haley wanted but then scrap it entirely once they did. I made her sign on the dotted line.

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Vaughn says he was disgusted by this, saying… “I was like, ‘Wow, would you do that to an Oscar-winning actress playing Storm? I’m out of here.’ So I resigned at that point.”

He doesn’t mention any names here, but the story is disturbing – especially when you consider that Halle actually acted in this movie… and the storm scene described is nowhere to be found.

We’ve reached out to the Haley team for comment…so far, no information has been received.