May 18, 2024

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Happy with PS Plus Extra, Premium PS5 and PS4 games in October 2022?

Happy with PS Plus Extra, Premium PS5 and PS4 games in October 2022?
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23 massive new games have been added to PS Plus Extra And the PS Plus Premium This month, it is fair to say that subscribers are increasing Much Value for their money – at least an Extra. Every Dragon Quest game on PS4 is added to the service, featuring hundreds of hours of potential gameplay – Dragon Quest XI S. Alone they can take over 100 hours to complete – all of which are widely considered high quality titles.

but it GTA Vice City: Ultimate Edition It is described as the headline here. Although poorly received at launch, this enhancer has seen a lot of improvements since then. inside And the average Also worth mentioning, along with a host of Assassin’s Creed games – though Three of them will not be available for download Through PS Plus on PS5, which is a bit cool.

The real disappointment seems to lie in the PS Plus Premium offer. Yakuza 3 remasteredAnd the Yakuza 4 remasteredAnd the Yakuza 5 Remastered All are good things, but there is an argument to be made that such transformers should not truly Being locked to Premium in the first place, the most expensive category sold out pretty much with the promise of PS1, PS2 and PSP classics.

Speaking of which, you don’t get it Which Of those this month, we are already seeing a backlash against this fact. If you’re not satisfied with that situation either, you’re in luck: you can have your say in our polls, and then talk about what’s on your mind in the comments section below. And remember, you can find a list All PS Plus games through the link.