March 25, 2023

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He described how much he spends a month in Miami and generated all kinds of reactions among his followers: “It’s impossible!”

Florangel is from Venezuela and has been living in Miami for over four years. Where She cleans houses.

At first, he worked as a freelancer for a third party, but over time he managed to establish himself well, and he founded Your own cleaning company. In addition, he is recognized as a ticktoker and without a doubt in the most common questions of his community “What is the cost of living in Miami? If your job gives you enough money to pay the bills. Finally, the young woman decided to give her answer in a video that generated many reactions.

The woman lives with her husband and they each have their own vehicle Costs are high. In a short clip he listed his monthly expenses precisely and bitterly:

How much does a TikToker cost in Miami?

This is impossible! Where can I get that rent? It was one of the first questions he got, so he immediately cleared it up Even the apartment she lived in with her husband was shared with a relative, so expenses had another part. “That’s why I put US$1,300 in the rent section, because that’s what I pay with my husband, but the actual rent is US$1,900,” she explained.

They told him that too 350 dollars a month was a very small number to support the monthly meals of two adultsBut she insisted she shopped at supermarkets Aldi, it will be cheaper. Not only that, it’s just me and my husband,” she explained.

Finally, They asked him about the “car letter” (monthly payment for the car) of US$ some users paid more than her and others paid less: “Please tell me this is a car with insurance,” one person asked her in her post, to which she replied: “No, US$560 for the 2018 cars they own because they have been with us for a long time, with very low interest. “We take them out. And we paid $200 in insurance for both of us,” he said.

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Florangel has made other videos in which he explains What is your method for determining how much you will charge each customer?. This is based on the difficulty and effort that houses represent, if there is a lot of furniture in it, and if dust accumulates in it, deep cleaning is necessary. In a day she can earn up to $710 cleaning three offices and one house.

A TikToker revealed how much he earns cleaning houses in the US

In addition, in the previous video, Florangel described his Saturday routines every 15 days, and they are distributed as follows:

some times, You will get help from your husbandBut in others it has to do all the work itself.