February 26, 2024

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He dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise his children, but it ended in tragedy: he fell to his death from the 25th floor.

He dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise his children, but it ended in tragedy: he fell to his death from the 25th floor.

A Measurer Almost 25 years old, she loved to surprise her children by dressing up Santa Claus But it all ended in tragedy. The young man could not find the safety cables he could go down and lost his balance Falling from the 25th floor into the void In view of the many neighbors who had come to the place. The event took place ChelyabinskRussia.

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The video went viral on social media X (formerly Twitter). In it, you can see the man He tries to climb the balcony Go down to the twenty-fourth floor by a safety cable. However, he could not find it and fell from the height.

Families nearby went to the building where “Santa Claus” was a Christmas memory, but it all ended in a bad way. Among the witnesses were many children. During the climber’s spectacular fall, Cries of despair were heardEven if one of them laughs at the sad event.

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The moment the 25-year-old lost his balance and fell into the void. (Video: X/@CronicaPolicial)

A domestic worker died after falling from the elevator on his first day at work

29 year old female He fell down an elevator shaft and died Monday in Pituba, a middle-class neighborhood in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. victim, Julian Lima GonsalvesA domestic worker and has finished his first day of work in an apartment on the 4th floor of a building.

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According to the site g1The height from which it fell Corresponds approximately to the seventh floor Because of the garage floors and because he fell down the hole.

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Julian Lima Gonçalves had an 11-year-old son. (Photo: Courtesy g1).

The dramatic accident occurred around 5pm, the body of Julian Lima Gonçalves was found minutes later in the well of the building and teams from the fire department and the emergency medical service went to the scene, but the young woman Mother of an 11-year-old boy He died of his injuries. Doctors told the family he had suffered a “very serious head injury”.

Julian Lima Gonçalves pointed out that her husband, Addilton, told the g1 site. He died on his mother’s birthday.. Actually, he was about to finish his work and go to see her.

The family is degenerate, especially the mother, who received the news of his death on his birthday. It’s terrible for everyone in the world. Unfortunately, he will be scarred for life,” Addilton said. “It was a happy date for everyone, but this tragedy will change it,” lamented the housekeeper’s husband.

Julian Lima Gonçalves died on his mother’s birthday (Photo: Courtesy g1).

The man described her as a person “Happy, cheerful and loved by all”. As Julian said, “I had many plans for his life. “I was fulfilling many dreams, but unfortunately they were cut short by this tragedy.”

After the case, the family wants those responsible for the domestic worker’s death to be identified. “We know it won’t bring him back to life, but so what We want justicesaid her husband

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