September 29, 2023

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He jumped off a boat in the Bahamas and disappeared, and now a creepy photo has surfaced

He jumped off a boat in the Bahamas and disappeared, and now a creepy photo has surfaced

An 18-year-old boy went missing on May 24 while attending college for his degree at University High Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While having fun with some friends On a boat in the Bahamas, he jumped ship In “shark infested” water, he could not be found. Now, a “shadow” would be key to clarify what happened.

The The US Coast Guard launched a search for the young man, identified as Cameron Robbins. However, two days later he announced his suspension. “We send our sincere condolences to his family and friends,” the authority announced through a source liberation

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Cameron Robbins reportedly jumped into ‘shark-infested’ water

According to Raymond King, an official with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, the graduate last went down in the water in a “shark-infested” area on the island of Athol, off the Bahamas. Daily Mail.

Although it is not yet clear what happened, sources suggest that he may have thrown himself, apparently at the challenge of his companions. A viral video taken moments later shows Robbins in the water. Users who viewed the post noticed a shadow, so they assumed a shark was responsible for its disappearance.

Taking to Twitter, one person posted a photo of the exact moment, while describing the scene as “sad and horrifying”. Among the members of the virtual community, an observer argued that the teenager noticed the presence of the animal: “At first he goes to the float, but turns back when he notices the shark, which finally disappears in the water. Pulling it down”.

Users point out that Robins was attacked by a sharksportsgeek22

A ship called Blackbeard’s Revenge Bahamas, a pirate-themed party attraction. After the incident with the passengerOfficers remained at the scene for several hours as they searched.

Robbins had graduated three days before the incident.So he celebrated with his classmates on a boat in the Bahamas. He stayed on the paradise island of Atlantis. Before his search ended, his baseball coach, Justin Morgan, described him as a “fierce competitor” who was a third baseman and a pitcher for the team.

The young man from Virginia graduatedVirginia Moore/Instagram

“Cameron is a guy who is loved by his teammates, coaches and teachers,” the teacher said. CNN. “He was a fierce competitor on the baseball field. He was a hard worker on and off the field. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Robbins family at this time.

For his part, the principal of the school he attended, Kevin George, added: “He is a special boy who has been here for his entire academic career (13 years). He is a sportsman, a great boy, a great smile. You are one of those proud people”.


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