May 23, 2024

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He went to withdraw $ 20 from an ATM and found $ 1,000 million: no one from the bank answered him.

He went to withdraw $ 20 from an ATM and found $ 1,000 million: no one from the bank answered him.

A woman living in the US state of Florida was shocked. After withdrawing $ 20 from the ATM, he noticed that the balance in his account was $ 999,985,855.94.

Julia Yonkowski, from West Tampa, Florida, noticed a huge error after checking her account. Nearly a billion dollars were deposited.

The most interesting thing is what the biggest stroke of luck will beHe struggles to return the money to its owner, but no one can answer him.

The story of 2021 has been going viral again in recent weeks. According to experts, Grandma Julia has already been added to the list of millionaires in her country. After the release of his “new fortune”, he was ranked 615th richest person in the United States.

Ticket with proof of your account balance at Chase Bank. From Florida.

“God, I was horrified. I know most people would think he won the lottery, but I was horrified.The woman agreed to the WFLA.

Without thinking about spending so much money, she honestly revealed that she was I look forward to relinquishing the new millionaire title soon.

Yonkowski now describes what happened when he tried to access the Chase Bank branch near his home in Largo, Tampa.

There he could not get any answer yet Ensures that no one returns calls from the company beyond compulsion.

She acknowledges the difficulties some bank officials have in helping her over the weekend, but that has not happened, and yet, for everyone, the situation guarantees it.

‘I can not continue. I’m stuck with their automatic response system and I can not talk to one person, “she admitted incredulously.

“I put the $ 20 back in the ATM. I do not understand what happened, I thought of an overdraft problem, alas, forget it, he counted from the living room sofa.

He also assured me without leaving any doubt: “I read many stories about people who bought money and then had to pay it back. I would not do it anyway because it was not my money.”

The elderly woman, whose age has not been released, expressed one of her fears: “I’m a little scared about cyber threats. I do not know what to think.”He pointed out.

Chase has not yet released any statement on the situation. Meanwhile, Yonkowski could not wait until the money was quickly removed from his account and returned to its old state.

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