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Brighton Journal | 5th April 2020

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Healthwalk From Queen’s Park Good For Mind, Body, and Soul

Healthwalk From Queen’s Park Good For Mind, Body, and Soul
Hannah Midgley

As part of the award-winning ‘Healthwalks Scheme’, a programme of 18 regular free walks across the city of Brighton & Hove, hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support and led by trained volunteer walk leaders, many Brighton locals are expected to participate in a walk from Queens Park in Kemp Town from 13.00 to 14.00 today that makes its way down to the seafront and finishes at the Horizon Centre for people living with cancer. The walk is open to all and spans 2 miles and involved some hills, with toilets and refreshments being available along the way, and finishes at the Centre cafe.

Research suggests that walking is possibly the single most effective and accessible form of physical activity and health professionals now recommend that everyone should aim to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise (such as walking) at least five times a week.

Because walking is such an accessible form of exercise it is particularly beneficial to those who are getting little or no exercise, recovering from illness or lacking in confidence. Many of the walks are also wheelchair and buggy-friendly.

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If you are looking for an excuse to take in some fresh sea air and what promises to be another fine day on the south coast, then why not go along and meet up with those participating.

Taking regular walks like those organised by the Healthwalks Scheme, is proven to strengthen the heart and aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Walking at least 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 27%. This exercise is ideal for controlling high blood pressure; it improves circulation, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), and helps increase good cholesterol (HDL).

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