April 24, 2024

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Helldivers 2 players who refuse to log out to ensure they keep their place in servers are 'ruining it for others'

Helldivers 2 players who refuse to log out to ensure they keep their place in servers are 'ruining it for others'

Helldivers 2 had a huge weekend during which it broke the concurrent player record several times, and even surpassed GTA 5's Steam peak, but it was also a frustrating weekend for many who struggled to log in and play with the servers at full capacity.

now, The Helldivers 2 community is calling on developer Arrowhead to add an Automatic Away Kicking (AFK) feature to the game After players admitted to leaving it on all day and at least in theory preventing others from entering.

Helldivers 2 players on the game's Discord say they don't log out on purpose so they can make sure they can play when they want to. One user said they left themselves logged into Helldivers 2 before they went to work to make sure they could play when they got home. Another said they didn't log out for three days.

It's fair to say that some Helldivers 2 players who have struggled to play the game have reacted angrily to these reports, suggesting that there are a large number of people idle but taking up server space. “This needs to be implemented as soon as possible because many players do not log out on purpose.” said one X/Twitter user. “They're ruining it for others and making this problem worse. They don't want to log out because they don't want their server spot taken and then be forced to wait in line again.”

An X/Twitter user brought the issue to the attention of Arrowhead President Johan Pilestedt, Who answered? To suggest that the development team is working on a fix. “Agreed, I already mentioned that to the team,” Billstedt said.

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while, Billstedt revealed That anything exceeding the “cap” of 500,000 concurrent players “causes the system to crash.” Arrowhead is working to address significant Helldivers 2 server issues as word of mouth is generating more interest in the issue.

In our Helldefers 2 review, “Combat feels great, its missions remain fresh and interesting, and its clever progression system doesn't bog you down,” we said.

While you wait for server stability issues to be resolved, we encourage you to check this out Our Helldivers 2 wiki is extensive and ever-growing.

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