May 23, 2024

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Hijacked ship: A cruise ship escaped from Miami to the Bahamas with passengers to avoid being caught.

A cruise ship bound for Miami is now heading for the Bahamas in a cinematic setting. Lego says U.S. judge approves ship seizure order amid fuel failure The Crystal Symphony is a ship with hundreds of passengers.

Cruise ship locators show that the Bimini, one of the islands in the Bahamas, now has a crystal symphony. According to some media reports, the plane was carrying 300 passengers. Others indicate that the number is actually about 700. In total, the ship has a capacity of 848 passengers.

The ship was due to arrive in Miami on Saturday yesterday. However, after a federal judge in Miami issued an arrest warrant against the ship (the U.S. Marshal boarded the ship and took control of it when it entered U.S. waters), The cruise ship changed its direction toward the Bahamas.

Elio Pace, one of the musicians in charge of Inflight Entertainment, posted a book on Twitter about the experience. According to him, the group announced that the liquidation of the company would prevent the extension of the trip And all travelers have to disembark at the port of Miami, as well as find their own way home. However, the company later changed this by court order and revealed that the ship would be diverted to Bimini, Bahamas.

Peninsular Petroleum has filed a lawsuit against the ship for fishing in the East, allowing it to take action against ships for unpaid debts. According to the complaint, the Crystal Symphony is managed by Crystal Cruise and Star Cruise, and both are being prosecuted for breach of contract. $ 4.6 million has to be paid for fuel.

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Crystal Cruise announced a few days ago that it would suspend operations until the end of April.

In addition to the Crystal Symphony, it has two other active ships: one that completes its voyage on January 30 in Aruba and the other on February 4 in Argentina.

“Suspension of operations will allow Crystal management to evaluate its current business and its options for the future.”, The company said in a statement a few days ago.

With information from the AP agency