April 23, 2024

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How Brian Cox felt about this big Episode 3 twist in ‘Succession’

How Brian Cox felt about this big Episode 3 twist in ‘Succession’

Do you feel that there is any good in Logan?

Oh yes. I think there is a lot of good in him. I think he was misunderstood a lot. I think it all went horribly wrong. We have these little moments – and they are not experienced – the scars on the back, the story of the mother, the sister, the relationship with the brother. This is where he becomes human because he is full of weaknesses and all the problems we all face on a daily basis, and all the terrible decisions we make or don’t make.

And that’s who we are [as actors] Do. We’re thinking, we’re not He. She. And I think a lot of actors don’t understand that. They do not understand the responsibility of this position. They think it’s about, “Oh, I include myself in the character and then I live it 24/7.” The real problem America faces – and I think that’s also what our show is about – is that America is only interested in the pursuit of individuality at the expense of society. When you look at the European stage, it’s all about the community and the groups that deepened and continued year after year after year. America has not. It’s the group, the community that matters in whatever project you’re working on as actors. You have to create the community and you have to act towards the community; It’s not about you, “I have to do this; I can only do it this way.”

[Expletive] that. He is divorced [expletive] Nonsense. join. it’s a game. She is playing. This is what children do. Kids don’t think, “Well, I’m this character and I can’t get rid of it.” They have a natural play instinct, and we forget what play is. Sorry, end of the lecture. [Laughs.]

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Well, it’s not new for viewers to blur this distinction between actor and character either——

Oh yes. I suffer from it!

——And I read about the way strangers ask you to tell them [expletive] on. Does having such a career-defining role at this point feel like a gift? Or does it feel like boxing to you? How do you feel when these strangers approach you on the street?

The power of dramatic action is very extraordinary, and the need for people to make that determination — and someone like Logan, has become a cultural icon. But it’s a little bit where you go: I’ve been an actor for 60 years. You did a lot of great work. [“Succession”] is a very special job you’ve done, it’s given me so much, and I’m truly forever grateful for it. But it’s just a stop on the way. It’s not the destination for me. Now this may be wrong. may know me. But I will continue regardless.