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How to Set Up Chipolo Trackers for Android Find My Device Network

How to Set Up Chipolo Trackers for Android Find My Device Network

After a long delay, Android’s Find My Device network is finally here, and with it, AirTag-like trackers for Android. As they begin shipping, we’ve had the opportunity to set up Chipolo’s new One Point and One Card trackers for the Android Find My Device network — here’s how it works.

What’s in the box with Chipolo One Point and Card?

Chipolo sells two trackers that are compatible with the Android Find My Device network. The first is one pointIt is a device similar in design and size to Apple’s AirTag. The other is One cardIt is a thin device similar in size to a credit card. It’s designed to fit in a wallet.

Both devices are shipped in small, colorful packaging. After removing the sticker, you can slide the inside out and then pull out the tracker itself. There are instructions printed on the packaging as well as a small user guide on the back. This includes setup assistance, troubleshooting, warranty information, and, in the case of the Dot, information on how to replace the battery.

You can’t replace the battery on the One Card, but there is a discount code in the box to get 50% off a replacement when the battery dies after “at least” two years.

Both devices come with a two-year warranty.

How to set up a Chipolo tracker using Android Find My Device

After unlocking each device, the setup process is very simple.

Everything is handled through Fast Pair. A simple tap of the button on each tracker (dead center on the dot, in the lower left corner on the card), will activate it and turn on the Fast Pair setting on an Android phone near you.

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Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. The Pixel 8 Pro didn’t get the One Point pop-up right away despite the Find My Device network already being available on the phone, but, RecentlyIt’s already started. There is no way to add a tracker manually. Fast Pair is the only way to add a Chipolo tracker to your account.

During setup, you’ll be asked to link the device to your Google Account and will be reminded to use the device “responsibly, safely, and legally.” You must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy to continue setup, with the policy largely focused on inappropriate use of tracking devices to track individuals without their knowledge.

Google explains three main points in a The support page states that you cannot use one of these tracking tools to:

  • Track people or track property that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Determining the presence or absence of a person at a physical location without their knowledge and consent.
  • Otherwise, try to obtain any information about another individual by placing a tracking tag without their knowledge and consent.

Once you agree to the policy (clicking to read the full policy restarts the pairing process, frustratingly) you can finish setup and the tracker will then appear in the Find My Device app.

The process is identical for both trackers.

What if you don’t have Find My Device available? For our testing, we set up one of these trackers Can Flip the switch and activate the network if it does not appear before. Your results may vary.

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What can you do with the Chipolo tracker in the Find My Device app?

Once paired, what can you actually do with the tracker in Google’s Find My Device app? You can:

  • See location tracker
  • Play a sound from the tracker
  • Share the tracker with someone else

Sharing is handled privately through a simple link sharing.

When you don’t have your device with you, you can also mark it as lost and get directions to its last known location. These options only appear if you don’t have the device with you.

There is a settings menu where you can rename the tracker (it’s Product Name by default) and change the ‘category’ of the object associated with it with options like Bag, Wallet, etc. Notably, there is also a way to “point” to the tracker’s location. Although not using UWB, the Find My Device app will point you in the general direction of the tracker when you approach it simply by telling you that you are approaching.

What else do you want to know?

We’ll be testing Find My Device network trackers from Chipolo as well as devices from Pebblebee in the coming weeks. But, in the meantime, what else do you want to know? Leave comments below and let us know which specific aspects of these trackers you’d like to test.

Find My Device is rolling out to all Android users now, and early tracking orders are shipping starting today.

You can pre-order Chipolo One Point And One card It starts now at $28, with new orders shipping in July.

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