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| January 21, 2019

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Humans Of Brighton: Lee Francis Shares His Fishing Secret

Humans Of Brighton: Lee Francis Shares His Fishing Secret
Emily Stoner

When Lee was 6 years old his Dad took him fishing and his passion was born. Now 36 years later we met this true Brightonian on Brighton Beach. He tells us all about the different kinds of fish you can catch here.

What are you looking to catch? 

Today Bass and Mackerel.

When is it best to fish and where is it best to fish in Brighton? 

The pier is very very good. The bait is cheese you have to mash it up so the oils escape and that attracts the bass. Shouldn’t be telling people that but! Fishing conditions south westerly wind, and a big tide normally, at low tide with a south westerly wind in the surf it’s good for bass, if you can get through the seaweed that is you know its just patience. Any where along the seafront you can catch mackerel. The Marina I first started fishing on but I don’t enjoy it on there anymore there is too many people.

What kind of job lets you be on the beach on a Friday?

I am a Sports Nutrition Advisor.

What do you like about doing that? 

I’ve been into that since 1998, I got my qualifications. Different people, different times. I am interested in gym and anatomy, biology and really interested in training and weight lifting and all sorts of things. So I decided to get into that.

What do you like about fishing? 

Peace. I am on my own. Not all the time, sometimes I like company but it just gets me away from everything else and I can empty my head and just concentrate on that.

Do you always fish right from the beach or do you go out on boats as well? 

I haven’t been out on a boat. I’d like to actually I’ve been thinking about it. But I will do soon.

Why did your Dad like fishing? 

I don’t know I never got to ask him before he passed away.

Do you have siblings that you fish with? 

My brother fishes, but he’s got a child and he doesn’t get out much anymore.

What’s something you’d like the world to know about you? 

I’m trying to make a difference but it’s hard.


Charity work, in Africa and South America. I bring sports to those countries because there is no qualifications for that in African countries and a lot of South America have qualifications but not the knowledge properly. So I’m gunna teach that on a charity basis over there.

If you had one message for the world what would it be? 

Be nice!

The more people we meet in Brighton, the nicer we realise people are.

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