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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Humans of Brighton – Meet Amelia and Isabelle!

Humans of Brighton – Meet Amelia and Isabelle!
Hannah Midgley

Hey lovelies!

I present to you the glamorous Amelia, 20 (on the right) and Isabelle, 19 (on the left)! They had both arrived in Brighton by train from Chichester for Corinne Bailey Rae’s concert at the Brighton Dome Thursday 3rd November “WOOP WOOP!”


Amelia studies media and English and Isabelle studies history, both at Chichester uni. And they loves it!

I asked them if they came to Brighton often… they agreed that they loved coming but “always spent too much money hahaha!”

Of course I wanted to know where and how?!

They both adore fashion and would happily drown themselves in luxurious vintage clothing if it didn’t break the bank! “Brighton is full of vintage shops, there’s temptation everywhere!”

Amelia went on to say that she loved Brighton for all its charity shops too, she says she’s “Always encouraging people to buy from charity shops. In doing so, your money is being used to contribute towards all sorts of important causes, you’re recycling, you’ll spend less money and you’ll find yourself buying things you might not have picked out elsewhere and so you explore your options and yourself with your purchases.”

When I asked Amelia what she’d say if she could send out a message to humanity, she replied “Charity shops are the way forward!”

Isabelle has a slightly different approach to shopping. She says she prefers to go to topshop or related stores because it’s a “sure deal”. She’d rather be more time efficient and be sure to come out with items that she really likes rather than spend hours looking through piles of clothes in charity shops with the chance of leaving empty handed.


Isabelle and Amelia believe that it’s important to be adventurous with your clothes and dress to please yourself. They told me that people often tell them they’re “overdressed” but that “a good outfit sets a happy tone for their day” and that it’s a case of “respecting yourself”.

“We love smart casual!”

“We love to look fabulous!”

These charming crazy girls were a delight to meet, full of energy and bold opinions!

Thank you to them! I hope they pick their outfits out beautifully, so their day may be equally so through their eyes.

Let the magic continue!

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