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| November 16, 2018

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Humans Of Brighton! Meet Lucy “I Wish I Were a Unicorn”

Humans Of Brighton! Meet Lucy “I Wish I Were a Unicorn”
Hannah Molnar

Lucy Finley, 23 moved to Brighton to study English literature at Sussex university and is now in her final year! Lucy believes she’s been spoilt to have been able to spend the last three years reading books and talking about them. “I love being able to explore ideas and thoughts throughout history explored through the art of literature.”

What other things do you love to do?

“I love gardening. I’ve also recently begun learning the ukulele. I like the concentration it takes to hold the chords, strumming rhythm and sing. I used to love singing so it’s an excuse to get back into it!”

What keeps you from the winter blues?

“I usually don’t mind the winter. Some days can be hard but I like a cold and bright windy day for a walk on the beach. It’s calm in the winter so you can have the beach to yourself to lose yourself in thought.”

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

“I’m not sure. Though generally I’m a bit all over the place, today I fell over onto my hands and knees and the other day I bumped into an automatic door. I think every day is just a little funny.”


What animal do you see yourself as?

“I think I’m probably a greyhound dog? I’m shy and quiet but given the freedom I love to run fast and free.”

What animal do you think other people see you as?

“Apparently I am seen as a rabbit. Because I’m scared of humans and like building a home, apparently I even tuck my arms in like a rabbit.”

What animal do you want to be seen as?

“Of course I wish I were a unicorn, who wouldn’t! The natural animal kingdom is full of horror for any animal despite being so beautiful.”

What has been your most enriching experience in life so far?

“All the experiences I’ve had to overcome rather than positive ones.”

What would be your ultimate career?

“My ultimate career would probably be what I want to do, be a psychotherapist. I want to work with real people! And help people help themselves.”

What would be your message to humanity?

“Listen to eachother and listen to the earth.”


Have you got any projects you’re working on right now?

“My dissertation… Im yet to decide on it. Also learning the ukulele I guess. I’m also writing a book/ poem/ exploration of periods and vaginas..”

What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?

“I’d love to live on a house boat or run a refuge house in the mountains.”

What would be the one film or book that most influenced your life?

“It’s very hard to choose a book but maybe ‘the yellow wallpaper’ charlotte perkins guilman. The exploration of women and mental health and a sense of self really stuck with me.”

If you met Trump, what would you do?

“I would want to say too much that if I ever actually got the opportunity it would be all too overwhelming I would end up just helplessly crying. However if I had to say something it would be no different than what I would say to humanity, just listen!”

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