July 13, 2024

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IATSE and Studios Reach Agreement on Zone Standards

IATSE and Studios Reach Agreement on Zone Standards

IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said Thursday they have reached a tentative agreement on all issues related to the Area Standards Agreement, a companion contract to the basic agreement that received its own tentative agreement Tuesday night.

The recent agreement between the union and studio representatives and streamers means that, pending ratification, there will be no IATSE strike coming this summer.

“Members and signatories will have the opportunity to review the agreement in the form of a detailed summary in the coming days, followed by a memorandum of agreement at a later date,” the two sides said in a joint statement today.

The news comes after Tuesday night, the two sides reached an agreement on the basic agreement more than a month before the expiration of that contract, which covers about 50,000 members from 13 West Coast locals and the Los Angeles-based club.

The initial agreement on the region’s standards agreement came after two days of talks. The agreement represents 23 IATSE locals across the country and their 20,000 members.

What remains of the negotiations with the Truckers Union is to get a complete sweep of Hollywood labor deals. These negotiations are expected to accelerate again before the current contract expiration date of July 31. It is unclear how far these negotiations have progressed, but both the UCLA and the UCLA have previously indicated they are not interested in extending their contracts beyond this date to accommodate further talks.