May 21, 2024

Brighton Journal

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In about 48 hours it will be too bad for RU

You know that most contract soldier contracts expire within 48 hours. There will definitely want to get out of there. Bad enough for them, but of course it gets worse – the guys left there would get so weak they wouldn’t want to be there without help. I think Putin could try to keep them there – but that he will do to his ability to get more contract soldiers – and boy is he talking about a morale problem. Really – these people made their knot – they were expecting to go home.

You guys understand that – right? Putin put most of his forces in this killing box in the Izyum-Bakhmut-Severodonetsk triangle. It exposes the southern axis and they are and will continue to launch counter-crimes (which have already begun) there and throughout Ukraine to take advantage of them. It’s bloody and all in the box – but great for the UKR’s overall operational goals. The RU has confined the vast majority of its combat forces to a small area—totally open to encirclement and powerless to bolster operations in the rest of Ukraine as a whole. UKR doesn’t have to win this box here – just wait. They can only play defense and be able to hold off more than 3 times their number. (More than 5 times their numbers in urban combat.)

And if you don’t like the way I write – just ignore me. I’m too old to care – and I’d just like to get to the point anyway at this point in my life.

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