June 6, 2023

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In kyiv, Macron, Scholz and Draghi approve Ukraine’s candidacy for EU | We need to appease other countries that are still lenient

From Paris

President of France, Emmanuel MacronGerman ChancellorOlaf Scholes Head of Government of Italy, Mario Tracy, And President of Romania, Glass IohanisThey arrived in the capital Ukraine To meet with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZhelenskI report less vague news than three of these four European countries (France, Germany, Italy) have revealed in recent weeks. Paris forms the triangle of Berlin and Rome, as opposed to the positions of the US and European allies Poland and the Baltic. Negotiated settlement Unlike Washington and Warsaw for the military crackdown on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Rhetorical ambiguity Even led to the discovery of an irrelevant neologism with Emmanuel, the head of the French state Macron: “to Macron”. The word refers to a way of speaking and doing nothing. In Ukraine, the feeling that Macron played two points At the same time, a week ago, the French leader said: “Russia should not be humiliated, so on the day of the ceasefire, we can create a diplomatic solution.” A month ago, in the European Parliament, Macron delivered a speech in a similar tone. The two interventions were interpreted as a way for Ukraine to be forced to agree to regional concessions in one final negotiation with Russia, laying the groundwork for subsequent negotiations.

For now, the four European leaders in the queue said what Ukraine has been waiting for so long: Scholz, Draghi, Iohannis and Macron “immediately” supported Ukraine’s bid to join the EU. The only thing that is certain is to convince the other countries of the union who are still reluctant. That blocking process will begin next week and stocks are talking about the long and sticky ambiguity of the EU. Its leaders will not discuss Ukraine’s entry into the EU, but rather whether they will be granted “candidate” status to join the 27-member club. A completely confusing project.

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In this context, the Chief Executive of Italy reminded the President of Ukraine, “Today, the most important message of our visit is that Italy wants Ukraine within the European Union.” In turn, Macron reiterated in kyiv that “the four of us support the immediate candidate status for the merger,” which “will have a road map and cover the situation in the Balkans and neighboring countries, especially Moldova.” With promises, stained glass and utterly rhetorical sugar coating, Zhelensky’s desperate agenda or European dream long before the war began was filled with fun metaphorical content these days. Last weekend, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, went to kyiv to reveal his relationship with Ukraine, and this Thursday they The three strongest EU countries to support Zhelensky’s goal. Nothing says it will be immediate or simple, the complete opposite. Despite being involved in a war, the diplomacy of the 27 countries in the same group is a comprehensive puzzle. On June 23 and 24, during the summit, 27 people, in principle, were required to formalize the status of “candidate”, with the opening of a complex and lengthy hypothetical access process.

Macron sought to erase all traces of the “Macronio” stamped in Ukraine. After stressing that “Europe is with you and will continue to be with you until it is needed and won,” the French head of state announced the supply of new weapons. Emmanuel Macron announced the addition of 12 Caesar self-propelled howitzers already supplied to Ukraine. For his part, the German Chancellor did not talk about new weapons, but said, “We are helping to supply Ukraine with weapons and we will continue to do so as long as necessary.”

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There is still some widespread skepticism about the military defeat of Russia or the high diplomatic targets of Paris, Rome and Berlin – the position of European nations and those within the Union who support US aims. In 2014, France announced through various channels the goal of a “military victory” for Ukraine, with the aim of restoring its territorial integrity, including the Crimean Peninsula, which annexed Russia. Indicates the complete defeat of Moscow, which is far from possible for a variety of reasons, from the most powerful to the military. The only realistic solution to a war that kills hundreds of lives a day and endangers world stability – hydrocarbons and food – is that many voices on the continent are instead looking for a “good solution” through negotiations with Russia. It is precisely the option that Ukraine hates and that it is accused of Macron is one of the few leaders still engaging in dialogue with Vladimir Putin at his persuasion. – Realistic – Do not humiliate Moscow again.

After all, every step taken by the West is completed by Russia. Following the kyiv visit of four European leaders and Ukraine’s new role as a potential “candidate” for entry into the EU, Moscow announced new cuts in its gas supplies to Europe. Gazprom reports that France’s Engie, Slovakia’s SPP and Austria’s OMV will now receive less gas than expected. Gazprom took a similar decision the day before by reducing the gas levied on EU countries through the Nort Stream 1 gas pipeline. The victims this time were Germany and Italy. The visit of the four leaders of the European Union to Queue, especially the arrival of the three pillars of Germany, France and Italy, seems to have come too late. Preceded by infinite ambiguities Enough to intimidate Russia, to motivate Ukraine or to outline a solution to the war.

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