September 25, 2023

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Inside the Stefon Diggs صفقة Deal

NFL Pro Bowl

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Wednesday morning billing recipients Stephen Diggs He became the latest paid pass catcher. On Thursday evening, actual details reached PFT headquarters.

Here they are, for each source with knowledge of the terms.

1. Signature bonus: $21.5 million.

2. Base salary for 2022: $2.575 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2023 Option Bonus: $16 Million, Fully Guaranteed.

4. Base salary for 2023: $7.91 million, fully guaranteed.

5. Base salary for 2024: $18.5 million, fully guaranteed in 2024.

6. Base salary for 2025: $18 million, of which $3.515 million is fully guaranteed by 2025.

7. Base salary for 2026: $19.092 million.

8. 2027 Off-season bonus: $3 million.

9. 2027 Basic salary: $14.495 million.

10. 2022-27 Workout Bonuses: $250,000 per year.

11. 2022-27 List Bonuses Per Game: Up to $255,000 per year.

The extension is valued at $96 million over four years, averaging $24 million annually in new money. The total contract value is $124.102 million over six years, giving it a value of $20.68 million annually upon signature.

Although initial reports indicated incentives were also available, the initial information made available via the NFL Players Association does not include any incentives or escalators. (It is very likely that it was an oversight.)

The contract pays $47.985 million fully guaranteed upon signing, with another $22.015 million guaranteed for injury.

It will be a deal covering at least two years at $48.995 million ($24.4975 million per year), and possibly three years at $68 million ($22.667 million). Regardless, the first two years in the bank. It then becomes a bargain from year to year.

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