February 22, 2024

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Instagram CEO Mosseri explains changes after Kardashian’s complaint

Instagram CEO Mosseri explains changes after Kardashian's complaint

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri

Elisabeth Frantz | Reuters

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri Share a video on Twitter Tuesday explained the latest changes to the social media platform, after a day of liking celebrities Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian criticized the app “To try to be TikTok.”

Mark ZuckerbergCEO of dead, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is pushing short videos, a market that TikTok dominates on mobile. Many users did not respond well to the change, and a post urging the company to “get Instagram back”, which means it should focus more on photos posted by friends, has racked up more than 1.6 million likes and generated nearly 140,000 signatures on Instagram. petition.

Mosseri said in the video that he knows there’s been a lot of change in Instagram. He said the app will continue to support photos, but he believes it will become more video-focused over time because it’s what people love, share and consume on the platform.

He added that if users see a new full-screen version of their feed, it’s just a test.

“It’s not good yet,” he said, noting that the experience should be improved if it was offered to the rest of the Instagram community.

Mosseri said he’s also heard a lot of concern about recommendations, which are posts that appear in users’ feeds from accounts they don’t follow. He said the recommendations are intended to help users discover new content, and they serve as one of the “most effective and important ways” to help content creators reach more people. Mosseri said that if people aren’t interested in these posts, they can shut them down or postpone all recommendations for up to a month.

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Mosseri ended the video with a request for feedback. Viewers did not hold back.

“[S]One user wrote: “You make everything so well.” It’s now an app for everything you advertise, not for my friends and the people I think are cool.”

Another user wrote: “When will Instagram accept that not all creators are video creators? Graphic designers, photographers and other visual artists helped build and rely on IG to share their work.” “And now you’re screwing it up into a 15-second video streaming site that ppl can’t control.”

Meta is due to announce its earnings tomorrow, and analysts say it is Expect the first decline in quarterly revenue year on year.