July 13, 2024

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iOS 18: Three new features you probably don’t know about

iOS 18: Three new features you probably don’t know about

iOS 18 was officially announced last week at WWDC, but we’re still learning more about all the new features and changes. in Release notes have been published On its developer site, Apple has some additional tidbits about improvements to FaceTime, changes to the Wallet app, and more.

In the Wallet app, Apple says iOS 18 has a smart new feature to help prevent fraud when you add an ID to your iPhone:

To help prevent fraud, when you add an ID to your iPhone, you may be asked to take a Live Photo instead of, or in addition to, making a series of head and facial movements. Live Photo is evaluated by your device and Apple to help ensure that the photo sent is of a live person and that the same live person is sending their photo.

There’s also an improvement in Siri’s in-car performance, especially for cars without CarPlay:

In iOS 18, when your iPhone is connected via Bluetooth to a vehicle that doesn’t have CarPlay, Siri’s voice quality can be dramatically improved with the new “Answer via Media Source” option. Users will be able to enable this feature by going to Settings “Siri & Search” → “Siri Responses” → “When connected to car Bluetooth”.

Finally, Apple says it’s improved how FaceTime works in low data mode:

FaceTime in Low Data Mode now uses more data when network conditions are good to improve the quality of video calls.

iOS 18 is currently in developer beta testing, with a public beta expected next month and a public release in September. Between now and September, there’s going to be a lot of changes to iOS 18 — and we’ll get all the coverage right here 9to5Mac.