March 4, 2024

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iPad's daughter approaches Best Buy worker

iPad's daughter approaches Best Buy worker

In an unusual incident at an electronics store, he was arrested in A Tik Tok Video with over 191,000 views An employee at Best Buy, Dallas (@dallas_ponzo), recounts a strange interaction with a mother-daughter duo interested in purchasing an iPad. The mystery-filled video leaves viewers curious about the daughter's unspoken words.

The episode begins routinely, with the mother and daughter entering the store and inquiring about iPads. Dallas guides them to the display area and then helps them with the mobile office. When they returned, the daughter asked, “What's the cheapest iPad you guys have?” Dallas points to a $349 10.2-inch ninth-generation iPad. However, a mix-up occurred when the daughter misquoted the price of an Apple Pencil and the price of an iPad, leading to Dallas correcting her: “No, it's $349.”

As the mother examines different models, the daughter's behavior becomes strange. She looks at her 12.9-inch iPad Pro and asks her mom, “This one's $3?” Correcting her again, Dallas says, “No, it's $349.” Mom chooses an iPad Pro with cellular service but steps away to answer a phone call. The daughter seizes the opportunity, approaches Dallas, asks for a private conversation, and whispers, “Can I ask you something over there?”

Surprised, Dallas agrees, but before they can talk, the mother returns, preventing the daughter from revealing her secret. In an awkward silence, the mother concludes, “Okay, let's go check out Costco,” and they leave Best Buy. The daughter's unspoken thoughts remain a mystery, leaving the Best Buy worker and viewers wondering what her intentions are.

“Comments like 'You liked it.'” One commenter said: “I'm thinking darker.” One person replied: “Same. They are trafficked, ab$e, kidnapped, etc. “This is very disturbing,” expressed another commenter.

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Another commenter wrote about the strange interaction with Best Buy: “I hope nothing fishy is going on and she will seek help to get away from the 'mom' :).”


I guess I'll never know

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There are ways to find out if The person is traffickedas some commentators saw, but there is no video or other information to indicate that the interaction was more than that.

Dallas regularly films his workplace interactions and boasts over 269,000 followers.

The video concludes with the Best Buy worker expressing concern for the daughter's safety, adding an emotional layer to the interesting story. The incident, filled with unspoken words and unanswered questions, caught the attention of TikTok users, making them think about the possible reasons behind the daughter's strange behavior.


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*First published: January 27, 2024, 4:00 a.m. CST

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