April 13, 2024

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Iran vows “no response” to Israeli bombing in Syria | Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said “the evil Zionist regime will be punished”.

Iran vows “no response” to Israeli bombing in Syria |  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said “the evil Zionist regime will be punished”.

Iran warned Israel and the United States on Tuesday of retaliation for Monday's attack that killed 14 people., including seven members of its Revolutionary Guard in Damascus, a move that threatens to heighten tensions in the Middle East. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameneisaid “The Evil Zionist Regime Will Be Punished” And Iran's president, Ibrahim Raisi, vowed that this “cowardly crime will not go unanswered.”

“We'll make them regret it”

This is a statement Khamenei He promised: “The evil regime (Israel) will be punished by our brave men. With God's help we will make them repent of this crime and other similar crimes.” The top Iranian official wished “peace and God's mercy” to those killed in the attack and “curses to the leaders of the oppressive and occupying regime. Israel)”.

The Supreme Leader's warning comes hours after the President's Ibrahim Raisi He pointed directly at Israel for destroying the embassy. “Once again in a terrorist crime and in flagrant violation of international norms, the dirty hands of the usurping Zionist regime are stained with the blood of many commanders and officers of our country,” Raisi said in a statement.

“Day by day we see the strengthening of the resistance front and the hatred and hatred of independent nations against Israel's lawless nature,” Raisi said. According to the Iranian president, Israel “put indiscriminate killings on the agenda” after “repeated defeats and defeats against the faith and will of the opposition front” but “it must know that it can never achieve its worst objectives with such means. It is “inhumane.”

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Attack on senior army officers

A bombing by Israel against the diplomatic wing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus killed 14 people, 7 of them Iranian Revolutionary Guards, according to recent reports. The building housed the embassy and the residence of Iran's ambassador to Syria.

Tehran said the strikes included “six missiles fired by F-35 fighter jets”. They were first directed against an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria, a country that has been at war since 2011 and where Iran and its allies support the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Among the dead were generals Muhammad Reza Zahedi and Muhammad Hadi Haj Rahimi, “two senior combat commanders and senior military advisers in Syria,” as well as five Iranian officers. Several media reported the death of Hossein Aminullah, who was assigned to the Quds Force for Lebanon and Syria.

Sources consulted by the Iranian agency ISNA confirmed that emergency services at the Iranian embassy were still overwhelmed with activity. The death toll is feared to rise as two more people may be trapped under the rubble.

Iran sent “an important message to the United States,” insisting that Washington “holds responsibility” for the attack because of its support for Israel. Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian said the message, which was sent to an “official at the Swiss embassy” representing US interests in Iran, had not disclosed its contents.

A Pentagon spokesman said, Sabrina Singh“The US was not notified by Israel of the attack in Damascus, and The US does not support attacks on diplomatic headquarters“According to the Defense Ministry's assessment, it was an Israeli attack,” the official added, although Israel does not typically confirm such operations on Syrian territory.

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“Greater Chaos and Instability” in the Middle East

The UN Security Council plans to hold a general session on the attack on Tuesday, as requested by Dmitry Poliansky, Russia's representative to the world body, quoted by the official TASS news agency. Iran called on the Security Council to “strongly condemn this terrorist attack carried out by the Israeli regime”.

At the hearing, US Ambassador Robert Wood questioned whether the Iranian consulate functioned as a diplomatic office. The diplomat did not condemn the alleged Israeli attack and noted that “reports of the presence of terrorist leaders and elements in the area” did not surprise him due to the “continuous mobilization, training and arming of terrorists”.

Tehran, which backs President Bashar al-Assad's government, vowed to respond to the attack. Meanwhile, Iran's Supreme National Security Council met on Monday night in the presence of Raisi and took “necessary decisions,” a statement said, without providing further details.

The Chinese government condemned the blast on Tuesday. “The security of diplomatic institutions cannot be breached and Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity must be respected,” Wang Wenbin said. In turn, Iraq stressed that an attack on Syria could bring “greater chaos and instability” to the Middle East, amid fears that the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip could turn into a regional conflict.

Iran has repeatedly declared its support for Hamas and accuses Israel of “genocide” but denies any direct involvement in the conflict. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented thirty Israeli attacks on Syrian territory so far this year, 22 aerial and eight ground, mainly against ammunition and weapons depots, vehicles and official headquarters. A total of 126 people were killed and nearly fifty injured in these violent attacks.

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