December 1, 2023

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Israel at war: Hamas infiltrates, murders, kidnaps dozens of civilians and marches through Gaza with corpses of soldiers

Israel at war: Hamas infiltrates, murders, kidnaps dozens of civilians and marches through Gaza with corpses of soldiers
Hamas terror attack on Israel

From Rabat, Special Envoy.- The ghost of The Yom Kippur War As of this early Saturday morning, he has settled in Israel. 50 years ago, an Arab coalition led by Egypt and Syria struck in a surprise attack on Judaism’s holiest day (the Day of Atonement) and Israelis had to defend the doors of their homes. 50 years later today another surprise attack by the terror group Hamas rocked Israel in the middle of Shabbat celebrations.

Palestinians carry the body of a slain Israeli soldier (Reuters)

Pictures Soldiers were killed, civilians were kidnapped and Israeli army trucks were captured as trophies of war They shocked Israeli society. Neither government intelligence nor its partners could warn or predict.

Hamas terror attack on Israel

It took hours for the Chief Minister to arrive Benjamin Netanyahu He went out to talk to his people and still the situation was not under control. Hundreds of terrorists have crossed the border And it cannot be controlled by aerial bombardment. Peace will take days, and no one dares say how long it will take. That uncertainty is also new in decades. Usually, with each escalation of rocket fire from Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces bring the situation under control within hours or days. This time it’s different, Dozens of terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory and holed up in Israeli homes.

Palestinian terrorists in an Israeli army jeep captured by gunmen who infiltrated southern Israel (Reuters)

The Arab allies did not notice what was happening The weather has been completely different for the past few days. A mega-deal with Saudi Arabia, which was supposed to be included in the Abraham Accords, is possibleNatural agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco were a hope they loudly repeated.

In Rabat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an influential adviser to King Mohammed VI, Andre AzoleThey made the commitment last Friday Infobay A tour organized by Fuente Latina highlights the possibility of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. They spoke of an “aggressive roadmap”, “definite steps”, “historic opportunity”, “momentum”. The Hamas operation blew up in Israel’s face, and in theirs.

Bodies of people, some of them elderly, killed during a massive incursion by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip lie in the street in Sterod, southern Israel, on October 7, 2023 (Reuters)

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat assured Infobae It started this Saturday This is a clear reaction to the peace process that started with the 2020 default In the Abrahamic covenants.

“There is a peace process here in the Middle East, Arab leaders want peace, A terrorist group inspired and financed by Iran wants to sabotage any chance of peace. “Hamas seeks violence, terror and misery”He promised.

Hamas incursion kills and kidnaps dozens of Israelis (Reuters)

All Arab signatories to the accords, including Saudi Arabia, pledged to take Palestinian demands into account when negotiating with Israel. Hamas doesn’t believe it enough. A few days ago, the thermometer rose, and when the Saudis went to Jerusalem, a group of Palestinians spat on them in the street … For them, nothing discussed was enough. For Hamas, indeed, nothing is good enough.

Palestinians took control of an Israeli military vehicle after crossing the border fence with Israel from Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Behind Hamas is Iranian funding and abundance. In addition to the current tense situation on the southern border, there is an added danger in the north. It is feared that Hezbollah may also try to infiltrate using the chaos.

Palestinians celebrate by waving the national flag over a destroyed Israeli tank at the border fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel, east of Khan Younis (AP).

From the sad war Yom Kippur Israeli society has never experienced situations like this Saturday. Kidnappings, killings, Palestinians marching through the streets of Gaza carrying Israeli bodies… A bleaker panorama befalls Netanyahu’s government than all efforts to change the Israeli judicial system, which has led hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets for months.

An Israeli paramedic covers the body of an Israeli killed and stripped in a Hamas attack (Reuters)

Now they are at war. It has been decades since official Israeli communications spoke openly about the war. “We are at war because Many Hamas terrorists infiltrate through the southern border and enter small towns and homes of innocent people. “They don’t kill soldiers, they kill families, they kidnap people.”He assured Infobae Fleur Hassan-Nahum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem.

Hamas terror attack on Israel

A bellicose atmosphere paralyzes any peace process It stalls any kind of talks by any Western power for a nuclear deal with Iran.

Today began the most significant event in decades: Hamas demolishes 14 Israeli villages around the Gaza Strip and executes the mayor of the Shar al Negev.A chain of Jewish villages in the south. The spread of images of naked corpses, bodies lying in bus stops and caravans of Palestinians with Israeli military equipment is outright terrorism.

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