December 1, 2023

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Israel’s military says it has split the Gaza Strip in two to encircle Hamas terrorists

Israel’s military says it has split the Gaza Strip in two to encircle Hamas terrorists
Israeli soldiers and tanks take up positions inside the Gaza Strip (Manual via IDF/REUTERS)

This was stated by the Israeli army Through his land incursion into the Gaza Strip, he was able to divide the Palestinian territory into two. This Sunday, amid “significant” bombings against the Hamas terror group.

Israeli Forces “Encircle Gaza City” […] Now there is South Gaza and North Gaza.”A military spokesman said, Daniel Hagari.

“We are launching a massive attack on Gaza. “There is a comprehensive offensive against terrorist infrastructure, both overland and underground.”Hagari highlighted that his troops have already “arrived on the coast and are maintaining this position in the central part of the Strip”, which is increasingly fragmented between the north and south of the territory.

He also assured The army has vowed to continue allowing civilians to leave northern Gaza for the southAfter this Sunday, Israeli forces opened a section of the humanitarian corridor that opened for several hours, allowing groups of Palestinians to head south.

Earlier, the Palestinian telecommunications company Paltec announced a total cut of telephone and internet connections, marking the third time the enclave has been virtually cut off since the war between Israel and Hamas began nearly a month ago.

In turn, the army said it was making progress in a ground offensive that has been going on for more than a week amid the fighting. This resulted in “more than 1,600 targets” being hit.

Israel indicated that Hamas was trying to encircle the terrorists by dividing the territory of Gaza in two (Sergey Ponomarev / The New York Times)

Your strategy with these steps “Encircle Hamas forces in Gaza City and widen the divide between North and South As explained by a military spokesman, strike and destroy targeted objectives, including critical assets and command and control centers of the militants.

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In recent hours, the army added, “soldiers struck 50 targets, including combat zones, operational quarters, outposts, military positions, underground infrastructure, and eliminated terrorists in hand-to-hand combat”. About thirty Israeli soldiers were killed during the week.

The army has also said that its attacks have intensified this afternoon. The disaster is growing in an area with an acute humanitarian crisis An almost total Israeli blockade of food, water, medicine and fuel left the population and most hospitals practically without electricity.

Already in its thirtieth day of war, Israeli forces have assured that Hamas is using two Indonesian and Qatari hospitals as cover for a “terrorist network” of underground tunnels. A spokesperson for the Gaza government confirmed, Salama Maroof.

Israel shows the entrances to the Hamas tunnel from Sheikh Hamad Hospital

More than 9,700 Palestinians have died in Israeli bombings in Gaza since the outbreak of war on October 7, when Hamas rocked Israel in a surprise attack that killed 1,400.

For its part, gunfire continues between the Israeli army and militants in southern Lebanon, within the framework of an escalation of violence in the border area, which was exacerbated by attacks by both countries that caused civilian deaths this Sunday.

On the one hand, an Israeli drone strike killed an elderly woman and three children in a car in a village in southern Lebanon. The terrorist group Hezbollah launched several rounds of missiles against Israeli territoryDeath of a citizen.

After the incident, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi HaleviHe warned that its forces were “ready at any time to launch an attack” on the northern flank along Lebanon.

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(with information from EFE)