April 13, 2024

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It appears that the Spider-Man 2 update has accidentally revealed upcoming DLC

It appears that the Spider-Man 2 update has accidentally revealed upcoming DLC

The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

It appears that the recently released Marvel's Spider-Man 2 update accidentally revealed an upcoming expansion.

Following the release of Spider-Man 2 patch 1,002,000, which added New Game+, new suits, and more, players discovered that they were able to access the development game menu that unlocked item, enemy, and health settings. Developer Insomniac later issued a warning to players, saying those using the menu may encounter corrupted save data and trophy progression.

but Players also found out What looks to be the full arc of the upcoming downloadable content, called the “Beetle Villain Arc.” Here, there are nine options to choose from, although none of them work. However, the “Beetle Janice Introduction” reveals the identity of this beetle.

Janice Lincoln is the daughter of powerful gangster Tombstone, who appears as a reformed villain in Spider-Man 2. In the comics, Janice eventually becomes the Beetle, a supervillain who dons an armored suit to fight the likes of Captain America and Black Widow. Beetle doesn't appear in the base Spider-Man 2 game, but the Beetle Villain Arc dovetails with the leak of data stolen from Insomniac earlier this year. Spider-Man 2 itself teases Carnage DLC.

It's unclear at this point if Insomniac still plans to release Beetle DLC. Neither Sony nor the developer has issued a comment, though Insomniac said a developer roster fix is ​​on the way.

Spider-Man 2 was released in October last year and has sold 10 million copies so far. Thoughts have already turned to what's next from Insomniac, which recently suffered layoffs as part of mass cuts at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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While Insomniac has Wolverine game In the works, it seems likely that she will also release a Marvel's Spider-Man spin-off film similar in scope to the hugely successful film Miles Morales is a freelancerwith Poison potential concentration. To learn how Insomniac is preparing the next sequel, visit IGN's website Explaining the ending of Spider-Man 2.

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