November 30, 2022

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It would be a “crime of not helping.”

It would be a "crime of not helping."

Ken Ri, a former South Korean Navy crew member turned YouTuber, claims he has no regrets about fighting in Ukraine, and says it would be a “crime” not to use his military experience to help.

in meeting with France Press agencyRi compared the fighting in Ukraine to saving a drowning person to explain why he felt it was his moral duty to serve despite the fact that the South Korean government had made travel to Ukraine illegal.

“You walk on the beach and you see a sign by the water that says ‘No swimming’ – but you see someone drowning. It’s a crime not to help. That’s what I see,” said the 38-year-old, who has publicly criticized the South Korean government for withholding support.

“I have the skill set. I have the experience. I was in two different wars, and I went to Ukraine, I knew I could help,” he added, equating his illegal travel to Ukraine with a “traffic violation.”

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irrigation Advertise at the beginning On March 6, he and his team of special forces “unofficially” left South Korea for Ukraine.

Ri was aware that he could go home to serve a prison sentence and a fine of 10 million won (US$8,115) for entering a travel-restricted country but says he is prepared to face the consequences.

By May 16 It has been promoted To a leading position in the Ukrainian army given his “experience in special operations”.

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he is Returned to South Korea On May 27 due to injury, he was reportedly escorted by 15 police officers to collect baggage at Incheon Airport.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed on June 18 that 13 South Korean They traveled to Ukraine to volunteer in its defense, including four who did. He is alleged to have been murdered.

Ri shared that people who left the front lines during his time in Ukraine joked, “See you in Taiwan,” referring to Invasion possibility China should follow Russia’s lead.

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