January 27, 2023

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Italy: Cosa Nostra leader Matteo Messina Tenaro arrested | gang leader

One of the world’s most wanted criminals, Matteo Messina TenaroChairman Italian Mafia Cosa Nostra, was arrested this Monday in Palermo, Sicily. The “Boss of Bosses” -his pseudonym- was later arrested A fugitive for over 30 years and in the context of an important police operation.

“The Carabinieri detained today, January 16, the fugitive Matteo Messina Tenaro inside. Health system In Palermo he went to follow medical treatments”, Gen Pasquale Angelosanto.

There was the Messina Tenaro Convicted in the 1990s Life imprisonment in absentia Multiple murders. For a year he had been going to the clinic where he was caught: he had cancer and it was there A chemotherapy treatment.

“A huge victory for the state that shows we must not surrender to the mafia”wrote Georgia Meloney, the Prime Minister of Italy, upon making the announcement. Likewise, the President Sergio Mattarella “He telephoned the interior minister and the Carabineros commander this morning to congratulate him on the arrest,” the official statement said.

Messina Tenaro’s role in the Italian Mafia Cosa Nostra

Even as an old man of 60 years One of the most wanted criminals in the worldIts identification is complicated, since His face is not visibleAgainst this there were only approximations of digitally made reconstructions.

what No use of cell phones or electronic communications, the criminal managed to hide on the island of Sicily for decades. A practice he promoted at the company involved the use of easily disguised pieces of paper known as “pizzini” that were passed on a handshake and could be swallowed particularly effortlessly.

What is Cosa Nostra?

Cosa Nostra is linked to a multi-million dollar corporation Drug Trafficking, Adultery, Extortion Y Financial fraud. In 1993, the structure’s former chairman, Salvatore “The Beast” Rina Caught, Messina took control of the Tenaro Mafia, and over the past 30 years, he has earned a reputation as one of the most bloodthirsty criminals. The “Godfather” prided himself on power “Filling the whole tomb” with victims.

Among them, he suspects, but is also saddened, that he ordered the acid dissolution of another repentant mafioso’s son. attacks As occurred in Rome, Milan Y Florence In 1993It left 10 dead, just months after Cosa Nostra massacred the judges Giovanni Falcone Y Paolo Porcellino.

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