June 24, 2024

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Jair Bolsanaro’s bizarre economic policy, with strong inflation, he says does not freeze “anything”

President of Brazil, Jair Bolzano, Stressed that this is Sunday “Price of one” does not interfere, Amid market doubts about the government’s economic policy after changing inflation and fiscal liability rules. Bolsanaro defended his plan to increase social assistance, but denied that the initiative was linked to seeking re-election. In the 2022 elections, it was pointed out by opponents and analysts. Five senior officials in the economics department resigned last Thursday In his disagreement with Minister Paulo Quitz and his “surprise” policy of increasing public spending, he betrayed his financial legacy.

“I have no authority to interfere in Petropras”

“We’re not going to interfere in the price of anything. It was done in the past, and it didn’t work.”Bolsanaro said a new fuel refueling is expected soon. The average price of petrol and diesel in Brazil has risen by about 40 percent so far this year, Driven by the rise in oil in the international market and the strong value of the US dollar against the Brazilian rial.

The Brazilian president said the state-owned oil company Petropras was “tied” to international prices and that his government could do nothing against it. “I have no authority to interfere in Petropras”, He promised.

Contrary to those reports, Paulsonaro appointed Army Reserve General Joachim Silva e Luna as the new head of Petropras last February, Criticizing repeated adjustments in fuel prices weeks later, continues today. In addition, a few days ago he said he had her The country’s largest company “Privatization Option”.

Bolzano spoke to reporters this Sunday with his economics minister, Paolo Quietz, as they toured a market in Brasilia in a new attempt to give signs of solidarity after the last days of tensions in the markets. The Sao Paulo stock market fell 7.3 percent weekly after resigning from five top positions in the Ministry of Economy.Encouraged by the government’s decision to change the spending ceiling to extend economic aid to the poor in 2022, Bolsanaro sought re-election that year.

Significant increase in cost

“We do it within the limits of financial liability”Bolzano said. “We regret the situation in Brazil where the poor are experiencing difficulties. We are not running in the 2022 election, That object has not been touched, ”defended the far-right leader.

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For its part, Quotes Defended that “Reform of cost ceiling is technically correct”. The president “has made a very difficult political decision. If he respects the ceiling, he will starve 17 million families,” said a conservative liberal from a Chicago school.

Initiative of the President Increase Axilio Brazil’s Social Assistance Program size to 400 Royals (approximately $ 70) by the end of 2022, The heir to the famous Bolsa Familia, was released last week Images of people looking for food in the trash are growing.

Public spending ceiling 2016 The flag of Brazilian neoliberalism incorporated into the constitution by the government of Michael DemerThis prevents inflation from escalating into a 20-year budget, but for the first time Quidditch said he wanted to “license” Bolsanaro to become “more reformist and popular” but “popular.”

However, Paulsonaro himself had to make it clear that “the cost ceiling will not be raised”Although a plan has already been sent to Congress. Community programs have not been updated since 2016Dilma Rousseff and now Bolzano want to provide an additional 100 rais for 12 months as part of additional assistance due to the epidemic.

The Axilio Brazil plan should be a social path for Bolzano to face the former president and opposition leader in next year’s election. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Taking Brazil from the hunger map of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and making it world-famous.

From the market and anti-government sectors, it was proposed that a constitutional amendment sent to Congress by the government would allow it to change the spending ceiling and allow other supplies beyond Brazilian aid, convenient to Bolsanaro for his second campaign strategy, at one time His reputation has been at an all-time low since he took office in 2019.

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Qutb put pressure on the Senate to move forward with structural reforms in the process, such as administrative and tax reform, so there is more room in the budget. “Brazil is growing and Brazil is growing,” said the head of the economics portfolio Record unemployment levels above 14 percent, And Running inflation topped 10 percent year-on-year.