April 23, 2024

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Jair Bolzano was rushed to Sao Paulo To treat possible intestinal obstruction

President of Brazil, Jair Bolzano, It was Was rushed to the hospital at dawn To treat possible bowel obstruction on Monday, local newspapers reported.

Bolzano, 66, “entered the Vila Nova Star Hospital in Sao Paulo for examination” and “She is OK.”. The president said he would release new information “after the update of the medical bulletin.”

The hospital said in a statement President “Image of intestinal subluxation” and “in constant treatment”. The medical team said Bolzano would be “assessed throughout this morning” and currently has “no prognosis for discharge”.

The Brazilian president arrived in Sao Paulo Hospital just before 2am this Monday. This was confirmed to CNN by surgeon Antonio Luis Macedo, who has been treating Bolzano since he was stabbed in September 2018. Macedo announced Bolzano was suspected of suffering from a new intestinal obstruction.

A painting over and over again

In July last year, the Brazilian media reported the same thing: Bolzano was transferred to Sao Paulo to examine a possible intestinal obstruction.L. At the time, the stimulus was a persistent hiccup that caused her abdominal pain. He was transferred to the Army Hospital, but he continued to recover at the same hospital this Monday.

Intestinal problems related to the Brazilian head of state The attack he faced during the 2018 presidential election campaign Juiz de Fora was stabbed during a tour of the city, In the state of Minas Greece. Since then, Dr. Antonio Macedo, who has been responsible for the five surgeries he has undergone on a regular basis, has been responsible for overseeing the admission to this emergency hospital.

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Bolzano He was admitted in September 2020 for surgery to remove the kidney stone.

Corona virus denier

In addition, Kovit-19 is the denial leader of the epidemic Give said Positive for corona virus in November 2020, He violated ethics and spoke without a mask in front of reporters at the Palace of Alvorado. Almost a year later, he had to stay Isolated by a positive in the presidential entourage Who accompanied him on a clown tour of New York for the UN General Assembly, where he even had to Eat on the street because you are not vaccinated.

Free fall in the polls

This morning before he was admitted, bOlsanaro was among the critics for not canceling his vacation to visit the cities of the severely affected Bahia state. Flood. Former president and top candidate in this year’s election, Lula da Silva sent the year-end message To the victims and those who believe that until 2022, he will work to “lead a dignified life for all Brazilians”.

According to research by consulting firms Ipec and Datafolha, Lula, who was president of the Labor Party (PT) between 2003 and 2010, had the intention of getting 56% of the vote., Which will allow him to win even in the first round against a Jair Bolzano in the free fall, which adds only between 24% and 29% support.