May 21, 2024

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James Corden’s Late Late Show was shown for the last time

James Corden’s Late Late Show was shown for the last time
  • Written by Kathryn Armstrong
  • BBC News

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James Corden has hosted The Late Late Show for over eight years

James Corden says he knows it’s time for him to move on as the final episode of The Late Late Show airs.

The British comedian has hosted the American talk show for over eight years, and has become a household name in the country.

Pop star Harry Styles, Coldplay actor Chris Martin and actor Will Ferrell are among those who appeared at the latest show Thursday night.

“It’s weird, I’ve never felt like this before,” Corden told BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show before the final episode aired.

“I just know in my heart of hearts that it’s the right thing to do for so many personal and professional reasons.”

Corden took over the hosting role of comedian and actor Craig Ferguson’s late-night talk show in 2015.

He told the BBC he never expected the show to become such a hit, describing the experience as a “glorious ride”.

There was also a segment in which Corden and Tom Cruise performed as Timon and Pumbaa in the Los Angeles-based production of The Lion King.

Past guests on the show have included Sir Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey.

There were also return visits from the likes of Josh Gad, Gal Gadot, Mila Kunis, the Jonas Brothers, and Billie Eilish.