May 22, 2024

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Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco in The Vampire-Hunter Story – Deadline

Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco in The Vampire-Hunter Story - Deadline

This type of vampire has survived countless insults over the decades – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or Dracula 2000, anyone? – So he’s sure to appear pretty much the same after the transgression he has to endure now Rosy day. The premise is not half bad, as a pioneering vampire tries to go straight for his wife and young daughter, and the existence of Jamie Foxx And the Snoop Dogg In leading roles it provides some oomph, amusement and cache. But the text never rose to the occasion, making a hijri mess that, in about two hours, is also half an hour too long for her or anyone else.


Not only does the place – the remnants of the San Fernando Valley – look less like a major vampire estate than Transylvania, but this is where a reformed vampire by the unlikely name Bud Jablonsky (Fox) masters pools to clean the pools. His wife Jocelyn (Megan Judd) has announced her intention to move to Florida, with their young daughter, unless Bud comes up with some real money ($7,000 is her number) in a few days.

The sprout does not contain even half of this amount. However, almost immediately, the presence of the zombies/the zombies/the zombies/vampires/what you have – they make themselves known, and in a very fabricated way, Bud sees that a secret, and believes, that his temporary return to his old vampire ways is the only way to keep his family intact .

One of the requirements issued by the Cockamamie script is that Bud be at all times accompanied by a manager, Seth (Dave Franco), a wholly ill-advised and often unfamiliar publicist who constantly apologizes for his overarching thinking. As the screenwriters seem to make things up as they go without the benefit of rewriting, the film oscillates in one direction and, moments later, flops in another, gestures that seem designed more toward preserving the wild and incomprehensible events happening on screen than making them. . No dramatic feeling. Only a few extra passes in the script could have been useful.

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Vampire fame eventually manifested itself in the form of Audrey (Carla Souza), which led to some routines becoming increasingly frantic, and eventually stressful; Opponents keep each other on until, at least from the viewer’s perspective, something has to be presented. Since it’s no surprise how things would eventually turn out, it would have been better if it was shorter and tighter than it was taller and taller.

Dramatically, that’s too bad, as first-time director JJ Perry seems to have given this opportunity all his wisdom. Berry has always been one of the most active and accomplished Fighting Choreographers/Acrobatics/Directors of the 2nd Unit in the business; The fast and angry And the John Wick The series is just among the most recent of its two credits. On the basis of the evidence here, it’s clear that Perry definitely knows how to shoot heavy action. Unfortunately, there is little sense or coherence in the storytelling (the script is by the prolific duo of Zack Snyder and Shay Hatten, veterans of multiple John Wick And the Army of the Dead / Army of Thieves installments), so it remains to be seen what Berry can do with better and more attractive materials.

Rosy day Streaming Friday exclusively on Netflix.