April 22, 2024

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Jane Tran was named the first Asian American Bachelorette

Jane Tran was named the first Asian American Bachelorette

Jen Tran, a contestant on ABC's “The Bachelor” this season, was named the new Bachelorette during the show's finale Monday night.

Tran, 26, will be the first Asian American woman to star on the reality dating show.

“It's honestly unbelievable, and I feel so grateful and so proud to be the first Asian Bachelorette in this franchise,” Tran, who is Vietnamese American, said in an interview with the show as part of the announcement.

“Growing up, I always wanted to see Asian representation on television. I feel like it was really sparse. Anytime there were Asians in the media, it was to fill a supporting character role, to fulfill some sort of stereotype, and I always felt like I was in the mix,” she said. I was so caught up in this because I couldn't see myself on screen. “I don't see myself as a main character.”

Out of 32 women, Tran was among the final six still vying for the title of “Bachelorette” Joey Graziadei. She was eliminated in the seventh episode, but left a lasting impression on the audience.

During her one-on-one appointment with Graziadei, she talked about her family life, saying that her father was not always present and that her mother, a Vietnamese immigrant, took care of them alone.

“She is the woman I want to be when I grow up,” Tran said. “She came here from Vietnam and dropped out of medical school to give me and my brother a better life. When my father left, she took over the parental role and never complained once.”

She described her relationship with her now-mother, whom she says she watched on “The Bachelor.”

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“In Asian culture, you live with your parents until you get married, and sometimes even after you get married. You never see me as an adult. But watching me on TV and watching me gets caught up,” she said. My love, she has just seen me grow into my personality and that has been huge for our relationship.”

Another contestant this season, Rachel Nance, who is Filipina and black, said she received racist hate from “The Bachelor” fans after Graziadei chose to keep her on the show instead of another famous cast member.

“I just got a lot of hate messages as soon as the episode aired,” she said during last week's episode, citing people using racist slurs against Asian and Black communities. “A lot of racist comments towards me.”

But so far, fans seem to be thrilled with the news of Tran's new role as “The Bachelorette,” posting their support for her on social media.

“The beautiful woman is our first Asian Bachelorette. I literally prayed for this,” one fan said He said On X.

Tran lives in Miami and is studying to become a physician assistant, the statement said. She is also bilingual.

Her season will be available to watch on ABC and Hulu when The Bachelorette returns this summer.