June 18, 2024

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Japanese pixel art adventures Tokyo stories look so cool

Japanese pixel art adventures Tokyo stories look so cool

BitSummit, Japan’s leading indie gaming eventwhich was held over the weekend in Kyoto, and among the games that were shown there was one called Tokyo stories which has truly Caught my attention.

Developed by Drecom, who usually work in the mobile game industry, it’s a choppy adventure game that takes place in Tokyo where, in a mysterious way, “And the city continues to tell its story even after its disappearance.”

The game trailer looks like Nicein an artistic style that builds his three-dimensional world Then give everything with courage Artistic pixel effect, before you smother it all in some incredibly moody lighting effects:

Tokyo stories [1st Promotion]

It looks amazing, doesn’t it? Now though you may also be wondering how the game actually plays, since this trailer was almost entirely made up of cinematic sequences. IGN Japan They were at BitSummit, and after a hands-on demo with Tokyo Stories, say it was built pretty much like PS1 game, with a fixed camera perspective in which your character roams in 3D, where you spend most of your time simply wandering the city streets (you’re locked in at walking speed) Explore the world around you and learn about it.

This might be a long shot of the older heads here, but if Anyone remember the 2013 PS3 exclusive rainYou might see some similarities here, and for good reason. development leadership on Tokyo stories He is Yuki Ikeda, who was also a director at rainAnd since he’s been working on various projects at Drecom, this is his first all-new game in a decade.

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Tokyo Stories is currently set for PC and Consoles, with a release date set sometime in 2023. If you’d like to see more about the game, Her official Instagram account has some smaller clipsincluding one that shows how to achieve the game’s unique visual appearance: