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Jason Sudeikis, ‘Ted Lasso’ Co-Stars: What to Believe About the Future

Jason Sudeikis, ‘Ted Lasso’ Co-Stars: What to Believe About the Future

Here’s how important “Ted Lasso” is to Apple: CEO Tim Cook was among the hundreds who gathered in Westwood last week for the premiere of the show’s third season. Events like this are usually down a bit by the time the series reaches its third season. But not “Ted Lasso,” who filled the 1,400-capacity Regency Village Theatre, followed by a party that drew 700 RSVP — and yes, Cook was there too, holding court at Brentwood’s Baltaire Restaurant.

“Ted Lasso” is a show that is still at its peak in popular culture. That’s why, with the Emmy Award-winning comedy returning to Apple TV+ on March 15, its fate is on everyone’s minds — including star Jason Sudeikis.

For months, almost everyone involved has hinted that “Lasso” will end after these episodes. in diverse podcast last July, star Brett Goldstein carefully parsed his words. “It’s written because the story we told will come to a conclusion,” he said at the time. “And that’s the way it’s always been planned. It doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t go on. But it’s kind of the three-act finale to this story.”

Increasing the speculation were reports that production was even more challenging this time around, as the scripts for the third season underwent massive rewrites given the expectations surrounding it. Sudeikis also took on more responsibility, taking on full show duties. Talking to diverseSudeikis played down those concerns.

“The rewrites were the same as we’ve always done,” he says. If anything, the endeavor took too long because of the intensity of the stories. … And so while we’re flattered by the “is this the last season” curiosity, the truth is that in terms of content, if you get through the running time, this season has On a season 4 by itself.”

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Now that the bulk of that work is done, insiders at Apple TV+ and Warner Bros. TV (which he produces) is more optimistic that Sudeikis might bring the show back in some form, even if that means a semi-spin-off where Sudeikis, like Ted, only appears briefly. “Lasso” is too valuable for the launcher and studio – and still a prize juggernaut – to let him go so far.

“We got to that place where if you made a poster for everyone in Ted Lasso, it would be pretty huge,” says writer and star Goldstein (aka Roy Kent). “You could do a side show for each character.”

Sudeikis was careful in his words, and said that this might be the end without saying it outright. When Variety asked some of the other “Ted Lasso” cast members to give their opinion on the future of the show or spin-offs, some stuck their tongue firmly in cheek.

Goldstein says he’d be happy to play Roy Kent forever. “I love playing Roy Kent. I pitched an idea for Season 4 to Jason that he’s considering,” he says with a deadpan expression. “The problem is that in Season 3, five of the main characters die, so my plan for Season 4 is for Ted to come back as a ghost, and call him ‘Ghost Ted.’ He haunts the hallways, but he’s just trying to inspire. Some people don’t believe in ghosts, and that’s the ride. that the team goes through and eventually believes in ghosts… Jason says he’s just thinking about it.”

When asked if he sees spin-off potential for any other characters on the series, writer and star Brendan Hunt (“Beard Coach”) also cracks up. Tina Feyhound – Like an animated crime-fighting series where Tina Feyhound protects all the hedgehogs in London from all the evil pigeons.

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“My master plan is not to see any of their faces in person for at least a year,” Hunt adds of The Ted Lasso cast and crew, of his plans to continue the collaboration after season three. “They are all very attractive people who love to hang out with. They are all very good at ordering meals out at restaurants.”

Toheeb Jimoh, who plays Sam, says he’s interested in continuing his character’s story.

“Whether it happens or not, I think wherever I go next in my career, there will always be a little Sam Obisanya with me, and it will be really hard to say goodbye,” he says.

Jono Temple, who plays Kelly, says she still doesn’t know if the show will end – “I guess no one knows yet.” But if that’s the case, she believes the ideal ending for her character (who breaks up with Roy at the end of Season 2) is for her to be “happy on her own, doing what she did before being anyone’s best partner.”

Then there’s Nick Muhammad, whose character Nate has gone from being the underdog that viewers rooted for to a villain aiming to steal Ted’s lasso’s thunder. Mohamed hints that a happy ending may not necessarily be on the cards for his role.

“The nice answer would be that Nate realizes he was a bit of a prick, that his actions towards Ted and IFC Richmond were unfounded and unwarranted and he deeply apologizes,” he says. “He welcomed him back to the club with open arms. He decided to address the toxic relationship he had with his father, which explains a lot of his deepest fears. And in fact, his father really accepts that and they hit it off again, and then he’s happy. And I don’t know, find a partner, get married, have kids,” It’s all right and Ted’s like the best man, something like that. That’s going to be my fairy tale.

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“Suffice it to say, that is not the case,” he adds.

At the “Ted Lasso” premiere, the press was instructed not to ask about the fourth season, as publicists maintained that no decision had been made. “It will always be dictated by the stories,” Sudeikis says of whether fans hoping for another season should, in Ted’s words, “believe.”