May 19, 2024

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“Javier went to war”, a mockery of the Spanish press against the president

“Javier went to war”, a mockery of the Spanish press against the president

Sat 11.05.2024-07:50

A new survey measures the negative image of 19 politicians: Surprise with 5 worst

This is a recent study by D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein. It includes 12 pro-government members and 7 opposition members. I kept reading

After the incident with the Spanish Minister of Transport, the Spanish satirical magazine Mongolia chose Javier Mili for its cover. During the Spanish Civil War he published the Argentine president, characterized as José Millán-Ostre, a soldier who was a symbol of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

The British flag features the Falkland Islands in military uniform, and the President’s dog, Conan, also appears. Also, he lost his hand when he said during the election campaign that he would cut off his hand before raising taxes.

“Before the Argentinians sent us psychologists, now they send us madmen directly. Long live the treaty! Long live! Long live freedom! Argentine Gibraltar, damn it! General Millay Ashtray declared war, and he called it intelligence, decency, honesty, science, the working class and truth.” The monthly magazine says it costs five euros.

I had already dedicated a cover last January. “Careta de Leoncito Milei”, then announced on its cover.

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