September 29, 2023

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Jim Harbaugh suspended by Michigan, big swing expected at Notre Dame & Missouri on NIL high school money

Jim Harbaugh suspended by Michigan, big swing expected at Notre Dame & Missouri on NIL high school money

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SI’s Dan Wetzel and Pat Ford are rationalizing the University of Michigan’s decision to impose a 3-game suspension on head coach Jim Harbaugh after the NCAA declined to do so just last week.

Jim Harbaugh’s suspension will be limited to the first three games of the 2023 season only. Jim Harbaugh will return to the field with Rutgers in Week 4 as Michigan decides to handle the allegations against their head coach at home. The men discuss how important recruiting violations will be in the future since they don’t seem to have a significant impact on programs and head coaches.

Notre Dame has the most exciting Week 0 showdown in college football, so Dan & Pat discuss the state of the Fighting Irish program and how Marcus Freeman’s sophomore year will fare. The coach wins his players but Notre Dame fans hope he can win more games than in 2022, and the guys point out that Brian Kelly was taken for granted at Notre Dame because of his sticky attitude.

Big schools are starting to name their starters quarterbacks this week. Georgia states that Carson Beck will lead the team in Week 1, while Ohio State and Alabama are locked in undecided battles. Pat & Dunn explains how Ryan Day and Nick Saban take very different approaches to their college football season.

Missouri has generated waves of recruiting this past week, both on the field and in every high school athlete’s living room. The University of Missouri managed to get access to 5-star ranked Williams Nwaniri to play defensive back, while Missouri State enacted a new law whereby high school athletes who commit to playing at an in-state college will be eligible to receive nil money before going to college.

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Finally, in weird news, raccoons and otters are running amok, monster hunters are heading to Loch Ness and the top 15 farming schools have been launched.

1:00 Jim Harbaugh will be suspended for three games by Michigan

16:10 Predictions for Notre Dame this season

30:46 Georgia Carson Beck named Game 1

32:12 Ohio State’s QB battle could continue into the season

33:26 Unconfirmed Alabama QB room

37:12 Van Halen cover collar for Iowa, Van Hayden

42:22 Missouri State is making major recruiting strides

53:00 Raccoons are causing big problems in Germany

55:24 Otter strikes again after biting actress

57:00 Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster

1:00:45 Top 15 agricultural schools in the US

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