February 24, 2024

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Joe Kooy defends Taylor Swift's Golden Globes joke

Joe Kooy defends Taylor Swift's Golden Globes joke

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Jo Koy and Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards.


People were upset with host Joy Cui Tell a joke about Taylor Swift At the recent Golden Globe Awards and Coy apparently didn't quite get it.

presser She spoke to the Los Angeles Times About his performance on the show, when asked about the joke that did not “land” with the audience as expected, he replied: “I didn’t understand Taylor.” [Swift] Quarrel.”

“Keep in mind that this article was just rewritten 50 million times, and never ran, all the way until we had to pull it,” Coy said. “But the intent of that joke was to mock the NFL.”

During the party, he couldn't resist poking fun at the craze surrounding Swift's attendance at NFL games to support her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

“The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL?” Coy said. “At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.”

The camera panned to Swift, who seemed completely unfazed and took a sip of her drink.

But it appears that her fan base, known as Swifties, as well as others, took offense to her and made their displeasure known online.

“What hurts me the most is that I support Taylor. I support her. I love her work,” Coy told the Los Angeles Times.

“I have nieces who I bought tickets for. He said, 'There's no ill intent in that joke.'” The joke is about the NFL and how they keep using cut-offs. [her]. This is an obvious reason for this. “I don’t say anything that no one else says, and it’s clear what the joke is.”

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CNN has reached out to Swift for comment.

All appearances suggest she'll likely get rid of it.

This article has been updated.