February 20, 2024

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Johar Tandel: Srikakulam to Pakistan!

Johar Tandel: Srikakulam to Pakistan!

Naga Chaitanya and Chandoo Mondeti Thandel's latest film is a love story set in the backdrop of the ocean and is based on true events that shook the entire nation. The makers who had earlier released the first look of Naga Chaitanya and also a poster of Sai Pallavi have come up with a glimpse of Essene Of Thandel.

It is true that the title explains the essence of the film. It is a promising love story with exciting elements. Naga Chaitanya plays a fisherman who unwittingly crosses the border and reaches the waters of Pakistan while fishing with his team.

He is not afraid of Pakistani police officials and speaks highly of our country. Finally, the true essence of Thandel, the love story, is shown. The narration becomes very interesting with the entry of Sai Pallavi as Raju's love and soul.

Chandoo Mondeti showed his expertise in blending two different emotions. Naga Chaitanya is fantastic in terms of his transformation and performance. He looked rugged, with long hair and a beard, and achieved a beefy physique. Impressively, he uttered the dialogues in Srikakulam colloquial language. Sai Pallavi is an apt choice for the character. She is beautiful and her expressions add magic to the love story.

Pictures and sound are in sync. While Schmidt handles the cinematography, Devi Sri Prasad scores the music. The greatness of the production is evident in the video.

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