February 28, 2024

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Juan Quito at Democracy Summit: “We face the worst dictatorship in history”

Juan Guaidó at the Democratic Conference

Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Quito, Performed the text in Democratic Summit, Event promoted by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. “We face the most terrible dictatorship in history”, He confirmed when referring to the rule of Nicolas Maduro in his country.

He thanked me for the invitation and began his speech by saying, “It is a matter of pride on behalf of my country to be a part of the Summit for Democracy, a fundamental place to defend democracy.”.

He later revealed: “We continue to fight for freedom in the face of the most terrible dictatorship in history The relocation of more than six million Venezuelans has caused the world’s second largest migration crisis”.

Democracy has been violated in my country. In Venezuela, Dictatorship condemns 76% of Venezuelans living in abject poverty, ending the rule of law by kidnapping companies”He continued.

Guaidó talks about the more than six million Venezuelans who have to leave the country (Photo: ANDINA / Norman Cordova)
Guaidó talks about the more than six million Venezuelans who have to leave the country (Photo: ANDINA / Norman Cordova)

He further added: “The regime persecutes, imprisons, and tortures dissidents for the first time in Latin America, the International Criminal Court.”.

However, in spite of everything, He said he was convinced that democracy could be saved“And, with that,”Save Venezuela”. But he insisted. “It’s time to take action”.

Of those, he listed the most important. “Create a unified front”,”Developing mechanisms to protect human rights activists“And”Support for states receiving refugees and immigrants”.

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“We must warn of the urgency of these measures. It is a marathon that will cause obstacles, but together we can save democracy,” he concluded.

Joe Biden at the Democratic Summit (REUTERS / Leah Millis)
Joe Biden at the Democratic Summit (REUTERS / Leah Millis)

Earlier this Thursday, the US President, Joe Biden opens the Democratic Summit It has a presence in almost 110 countries.

In his inaugural address, the President accompanied by the US Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkHe explained that he had been planning this summit for a long time. “A sustainable effort to renew democracy”He said while warning that “Fifteen years ago, democracy collapsed”.

Took aim against Biden Dictators who “try to find more power”. “It simply came to our notice then We are in the opposite direction“, He pointed out, he also warned of freedom of expression.Is under threat worldwide “.

Called for protection “Values ​​that unite us: Freedom of expression, journalism and religion”.

“Democracy is not right, but we can do it better. We’m going to defend it around the world.”, He revealed.

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