June 18, 2024

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Juan Soto makes Padres debut: Star player scores one hit, but teammates are doing the heavy lifting in the win

Juan Soto makes Padres debut: Star player scores one hit, but teammates are doing the heavy lifting in the win

Just over 24 hours ago to trade Changed the landscape of Major League BaseballNew look San Diego Padres They were working in front of their fans. Newly acquired Josh Bell and Brandon Drury were in the lineup, but the main course here – at least before the game started – was clearly Padres’ debut for 23-year-old star Juan Soto.

Soto finished second in the lineup, arriving in front of MVP candidate Mane Machado and new cleaning man Bill.

Padres will send their fans home very happily With a 9-1 . win. Soto wasn’t the star of the show on the board, instead it was the rest of Padres’ lineup that showed just how intimidating it can be around him. From pre-game to finish, it was a tumultuous event in San Diego. The reported attendance was 44,652, which is a sale.

Eyewitness accounts have linked the atmosphere as “electric” and Padres announcers have noted several times that it was probably the most they’ve ever seen in Petco Park. This was before the game started.

Here’s Soto heading into the right field in his first round with the team.

He came to the plate and one at the bottom of the first and the whole crowd was standing. Many fans were seen holding their phones to record the event. When Rocky Bowler Chad Kuhl counted to 3-0, and was booed before Padres’ followers turned to chants of “Soto! Soto! Soto!”

Sure enough, Soto had the go-ahead for the aforementioned 3-0, but the fourth ball wasn’t close. His first appearance with the Padres was a walk.

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Of course, this career ended up as a catalyst for a big role. After Soto’s run, Machado doubled, Bell marched, Jake Kronworth hit a pitch, then hit Drury, on his first move as Padre, a Grand Slam:

This half set the tone for the rest of the game. Machado will go 3 vs 4 with a home and double round. Kronworth climbed and drove home three runs. Trent Gresham had a double RBI. Bale was at base twice and scored both times.

Soto lined up one field to the right for his first hit like Padre at the bottom of the eighth.

He ended up 1 vs 3 with two walks and a running record. Even if he’s overwhelmed, that’s a pretty good start.

On the hill, left-footed Padres Blake Snell kept his cute little run. In July, Snell went 3-0 with a 2.81 ERA and 40 strokes in 25 2/3 runs. On Wednesday, he only allowed one run in four strokes in six innings while hitting nine without interrupting the walk. He ran into a bit of trouble in third, but otherwise dominated.

Soto didn’t star, but he didn’t need to. That’s the nice thing about baseball. He had a quite strong match while Machado, Cronworth and Drury were excelling. There will be games where Soto is the star. The goal in getting Soto, Bell, and Drury was to make the lineup as intimidating as possible. On the first day with the new squad, the job was done.

The Padres have now won five games in a row and got the Rockies back at home in Thursday morning’s game before heading to Los Angeles for a three-game series against the No. Dodgers.

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