June 16, 2024

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Kanye West causes a stir with a strict sushi-only diet for students at Donda Academy

Kanye West causes a stir with a strict sushi-only diet for students at Donda Academy

MNo strange practices and policies in Kanye WestDonda Academy It came to light thanks to a lawsuit filed by two former employees. The private school, which the beleaguered rapper set up in honor of his late mother, has allegedly fed its students a diet consisting exclusively of sushi. It is also not allowed to bring any food or drink from outside, except for water.

The case for which a copy was obtained TMZ, shows that children were also forbidden to use forks or utensils. Which makes sense considering they were only eating sushi.

Donda Academy’s bizarre practices come to light

Besides the controversial food policy, other troubling school policies have also come to light. This includes not allowing children and teachers to use chairs and forcing them to stand and use foam seats or cushions.

Classes from the second floor of the academy have also been banned due to Kanye West Fear of stairs.

The suit alleges that the school did not hire a nurse or cleaning services. Apparently, there were no trash cans, and medications are stored away, with no oversight of expiration dates.

Students who were made to wear black from head to toe and were forbidden to wear it Nike or AdidasThey are also supposed to be locked in from the outside during the school day.

Lack of discipline created a bullying problem in the school

Bullying is also a rampant problem, with unclear disciplinary rules. Several instances of bullying and physical attacks against peers and teachers went unpunished.

Kanye West’s Odd Speech on Jews, Blacks, and “Red Journalism”

According to the plaintiffs, who were not named, they were the only black teachers and were fired over the threat of disclosure. Donda Academy Many dangerous and unhealthy practices.

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