July 3, 2022

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Karen Kusama’s Dracula is murdered – The Hollywood Reporter

Karen Kusama's Dracula is murdered - The Hollywood Reporter

director Karen Kusama She no longer sinks her teeth into the legend of Dracula. Kusama plans to go into production next month on Dracula’s movie Bloom House And Miramax moviesBut the project is now dead, sources confirm The Hollywood Reporter. Miramax is said to have come out, blowing up what would have been talk of legends.

The project was to be titled Mina HarkerIt will be starred blindness Stars Jasmine Cephas Jones as the main character who meets Dracula in modern-day Los Angeles. Kusama collaborators Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi penned the script, based on Bram Stoker’s book Dracula.

movie plans, revealed for the first time Two years ago, it made waves on the Internet, as horror fans wondered what Kusama would do with the drug. The director who directed the big-budget science fiction movie Æ on the flow (2005), has built a following with films like the invitation (2015) and destructive (2018). She was most recently the Experimental Director and Executive Producer of the hit Showtime series yellow jackets;

Mina Harker It would have been one of Dracula’s many projects in the works around Hollywood, including Universal’s Renfieldstarring Nicolas Cage as Dracula, Nicholas Hoult as the titular character, and Amblin Partners The last flight of Demeter.

Limit I first reported the news Mina Harker being cancelled.

5:59 pm: An earlier version of this story stated that Blumhouse had recently concluded another project under the title Dracula, Renfield. This reference has been removed because Blumhouse did not provide it Renfield.