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Brighton Journal | 26th January 2020

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Keep safe on Brighton seafront this Christmas

Keep safe on Brighton seafront this Christmas
Hannah Midgley

Seafront Officers in Brighton and Hove are urging residents to be vigilant near the seafront over the Christmas period and keep away from the sea if possible.

This is due to “hidden dangers” at high tide from the steep shingle slope on the seabed, which makes it difficult to enter and leave the water at periods of high tide.

Chris Ingall, Brighton and Hove City Council’s Seafront Manager, said: “Everyone enjoys a bracing stroll on the promenade over the festive season but we would urge people to stay on the path or high up on the beach, especially when the sea conditions are rough.”

If your family’s festive tradition involves a Christmas walk along the shoreline in Brighton, the council have issued certain things to be wary of in case of high winds.

Mr Ingall also said: “The combination of winds coming in from multiple directions and steep shingle banks increases the risk of being swept out to sea.”

Parents are advised to keep a close eye on young children near the shoreline and dog owners should keep pets on leads away from the sea in rough conditions.

Brighton and Hove City Council will be continuing its decision to close access to the beaches around Brighton Pier to discourage swimmers from entering the sea on Christmas Day.

The council decided to put a halt to the annual swim, which has previously been tradition for many swimmers around the city.

Mr Ingall said even experts can be caught out in harsh sea and weather conditions: “Cold water sea swimming takes skill, stamina and knowledge of the physical dangers and should only be for the very experienced, using suitable wetsuits, in very calm conditions and with friends.

The Seafront Team is always happy to advise swimmers on sea conditions if you are in any doubt.  

Keep up-to-date with the weather forecast here.

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