July 24, 2024

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Lakers coaches pushed for Russell Westbrook deal on deadline, says report

Lakers coaches pushed for Russell Westbrook deal on deadline, says report

Nobody is associated with Los Angeles Lakers He seems to be enjoying Russell Westbrook expertise. Magic Johnson – who still wields influence in the organization even though he no longer works for it in an official capacity – He said it might be the worst deal in the team’s history. Westbrook complained himself About the way his fans treated him. Reports indicated that there are Players on the team I felt the team needed a move – maybe including stars LeBron James And the Anthony Davis. And now, according to Bill Oram, Athletic player, Sam AmecThe team’s coaching staff reportedly pushed for the Westbrook deal on the deadline as well.

Westbrook publicly criticized these employees. Lakers coach Frank Vogel pulled Westbrook out of several games late in the fourth quarter. The trade did not materialize in the end. The Lakers have reportedly discussed deals with Houston Rocketsbut they were not ready to give up a large capital project for John Wallwho did not play this season.

Now the coaching staff and Westbrook are left to work through the fallout from those non-commercial businesses. There have reportedly been efforts within the organization for Vogel to the bench Westbrook, but he reportedly denied it. That’s ironic given this report, and it’s not clear how long Westbrook will remain in the starting lineup.

Staff frustration with him makes sense. Westbrook has teamed up with James and Davis, two superstars who use quite a bit of the property. His best chance of contributing to this team was to stick to defense, take smart shots and limit inversions. He didn’t do any of those things, and he and Vogel reportedly He had a tense confrontation During a recent movie session.

It seems that all the news regarding Westbrook’s position within the organization lately has been negative. The team will certainly be looking to replace the previous season’s best player, but for now, the two teams are stuck together for at least another month.

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