February 26, 2024

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Leak reveals Google’s plan to update Samsung phones with ‘Pixie’ AI.

Leak reveals Google’s plan to update Samsung phones with ‘Pixie’ AI.

A few days ago, Google unveiled Gemini, its latest large language model (LLM) for AI tasks. The company announced that a smaller version of Gemini will be coming to flagship Android smartphones, including Pixels and Galaxy devices, in the future. Now, a new report reveals how Google plans to outperform other Android phone brands, including Samsung, with its latest AI assistant called Pixie.

The Pixel 9 could have an exclusive AI assistant called Pixie that can do a lot more than current AI assistants

according to Report information (Via 9To5Google), Google will bring its exclusive AI assistant called Pixie to its smartphones, starting with the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. Data will be collected from Gmail, YouTube, and other Google products on the user’s Pixel smartphone to provide more personalized suggestions. For example, it can perform complex, multimedia tasks, such as suggesting directions to the store closest to the user where they can shop for a particular product they have photographed. Samsung is also introducing several AI-powered features for its upcoming smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S24.

If you’re wondering, Pixie isn’t the Google Assistant with Bard that Google showed off a few weeks ago. As a reminder, Google Assistant with Bard will also be powered by Gemini Nano in the future, and will be launched on non-Google smartphones as well, including Samsung phones. Google Assistant can also be provided with Bard for iPhone as a standalone app.

A few years ago, a new version of Google Assistant launched on Pixel phones first, and was limited to those devices for some time. Pixie could also be exclusive to Pixel smartphones. The report claims that Google wants to bring these new AI features to more products, including lower-spec smartphones and smartwatches.

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It appears that Google has also discussed augmented reality glasses internally. These glasses may have cameras and an AI assistant on board. It may be able to see what the user sees, recognize objects, help the wearer use certain tools, solve a mathematical problem, or help play musical instruments. The last time we heard about augmented reality glasses, Google was shelving them in favor of Samsung’s upcoming XR device, which runs on Android and contains a Qualcomm chip.