May 22, 2024

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Logitech wants you to press the new AI button

Logitech wants you to press the new AI button

Not only may future AI-powered PCs have a Copilot key on their keyboards, but Logitech is offering its own way to invoke ChatGPT as well. It's called Logi AI Prompt Builder, and it will use a dedicated button on your mouse or keyboard.

Logi AI Prompt Builder not only provides you with a chatbot, but it also provides you with pre-defined “recipes” to help you claim them as well. After I assign an AI button to a Logitech mouse, I can ask it to “reword” paragraphs of text, convert them to bullet points, make them shorter and more concise, or fit a certain number of words. Another recipe that helped me summarize press releases. Since I'm paying for ChatGPT Plus, I made another recipe to create an image.

The Logi AI Prompt Builder allows me to respond to emails by pressing a Logitech mouse button
Screenshot: Emilia David/The Verge

It looks like Prompt Builder might actually be useful. But I had to get a new Logitech mouse to use it, since my personal Logitech M557 that I bought in 2022 was considered too old to work with the software. It was also strange that it only turned on when I wasn't using either browser window. (I've found myself using the ChatGPT tab in my web browser, instead, since that way I don't have to click out of the browser.)

Users can choose how they want the prompt to look.

Logitech will also sell at least one mouse with a dedicated AI button that you won't need to map to its instant creator: an AI version of its M750 mouse with a teal-colored switch to turn it on instantly. It will only be available in the US and UK for $49.99 or £54.99 respectively. You don't need the special edition AI mouse, but you do need a Logitech device, as the prompt generator is part of the company's bundled Logi Options+ software.

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Currently, Logi AI Prompt Builder only works with ChatGPT and only understands English at launch. Logitech said it is working on connecting it to other chatbots.

Ultimately, this seems to be a way for Logitech to sell more Logitech peripherals, and they likely aren't the only company with such an idea. When the time comes when all computers have dueling AI buttons, which button will you press to ask your chatbots a question?